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Digital Marketing Strategies for Swimming Pool Manufacturers

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swimming-pool-digital-marketing-ppcchampDigital Marketing Strategies for Swimming Pool Manufacturers – Swimming Pool Manufacturers needed to focus on developing their online presence.

They knew that traditional marketing strategies like radio, direct mail and yellow pages were ineffective, yet they didn’t have a better solution to give them full control of their digital marketing strategy.

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Would you build a store with no design and very little product, and spend loads of money trying to get people to enter? No. So the first part of any good SEO strategy is to build an awesome website that HUMANS will enjoy visiting and find useful. 

How much money can you make cleaning pools?

There are two main areas of income in owning a Pool Route Business. A pool service professional will make about $50 – $60 per hour cleaning and servicing pools.

  • 120% – increase in organic web traffic
  • 50% – decrease in PPC spend
  • Increase in the conversion ratio to 27%
  • Sale of 25-30 units per month on an average
  • Total sale of 200+ units
  • Increase of over 100% in organic traffic
  • Reduced bounce rate by 50% approx. and increased time on site by 7%

Help Your Customers Through Your Blog– ‘Answer them’

In any high-valued product selling, providing in-depth details helps better and informed purchase decision. Therefore, in real estate digital marketing, blog is at the core to create interest, engage, convince and eventually convert the incoming traffic.

Develop Your Strategy and Campaign from Conversion Perspective

It is a commonplace in digital marketing, creative digital marketers tend to forget or avoid the importance of conversion strategy.
Therefore, you will easily find many campaigns that are there for the entertainment sake, not conversion. Just tell me, you have created the hype and interest but now what?

If you do not tell your audience, what to do after watching branded video, viewers will not make any effort to continue further. So, it’s important to tell them to ‘subscribe’, to ‘opt-in’, to ‘visit’, to ‘call’ etc.

Online Marketing Service for fiberglass Swimming Pool 

It is quite simple to do it, just focus on your goal and conversion strategy, and then develop your marketing strategy and campaigns. There are few important components in your conversion strategy – call to actions, designing, pitching, and customer profile.

However, still I would not tell you to compromise on your creativity, because creativity enables engagement, and without which customer will not easily believe in you. Make creativity your differential advantage, and try to marriage it with your conversion strategy, in digital media it is quite easy.

Engage Your Customers Wherever Possible – Email, Blog, Social Media, Forums etc.

As I told you earlier, your target audience is searching and researching extensively on digital channels. So, it’s important to engage them, start a conversation, make a dialogue, and enable interaction.

On Internet, engagement can be through emails, on social media, blogs, forums, groups, communities etc. There are endless opportunities available around you. All you need is to join these, where you will find people searching for your product online.

Online Marketing Service for Artificial Swimming Pool

Engagement cannot happen just like that you need strategy on – how you will create interest in the customer (through blog, infographics, video, contests etc.), what will be the platform and technology (blog, flash media, social media etc.), what kind of conversation you want to start, and lastly, what will you get out of it (identity, brand following/loyalty, customers, sales etc.).

For any brand online, engagement is the quick and effective tool that builds sense of dependability, amiability and loyalty among audience.

Improve Your Advertising and SEM – Targeting, Budgeting and ROI

If you are not able to push your SEO and reach top searches, if you are not able to generate traffic that you wanted, if you want highly targeted audience for your product, then advertising and SEM can be your best option available.

Step 1

Conduct research to learn everything possible about your target market, including income level, family status and average lot size. Find out what types of media your market uses to gather information about the different brands of pools as well as cost and installation requirements.

If they pay attention to print ads in the local newspaper about discounts on pool installation or use the Internet to conduct research on pools, you likely need to advertise in these places to get their attention.

Step 2

 Study your competition to determine their pricing, marketing strategies and focus. Learn what target markets they appeal to, such as new construction developments or established properties.

Then, look for ways to make your company different, such as offering the lowest price for a brand new pool or catering to developed properties without pools. Your company may offer the most variety of shapes, lengths or amenities, giving people more choices on the pool that best fits their yard size or needs.

To stand out, add services no one else offers, such as providing training that shows customers how to keep their pool clean, or offering an annual maintenance package.

Step 3

Write down the benefits to homeowners who get a pool installed by your company, such as cooling off when it’s hot or avoiding messy do-it-yourself pool installations that never go as planned.

Getting the pool installed in time for summer swimming might be another benefit. For some homeowners, the pool helps increase their property value. If you sell high-end pools, one of the benefits might include how quickly you install the pool so the work does not disrupt the family.

Step 4

Create ads using the benefits and competitive advantage you developed. Use imagery showing the pools you sell with smiling families playing in the water. Add a short testimonial to the ad that mentions how well the pool serves the family’s needs or the value it adds to their property. Offer a free estimate in the ad to encourage people to express interest in buying a pool.

Step 5

Post marketing messages on your Facebook page, and encourage followers to share and upload photos enjoying their pool. Mention specials, discounts and promotions of certain brands of pools, and always include photos of happy families swimming and playing in the water. Add tips for staying safe in the water and for cleaning the pool, and ask followers to share these posts.

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