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PPC Topics:

  1. Goals – Why we use PPC?
  2. Keyword Research
  3. PPC – AdWords Account / Campiagn Set-Up
  4. Why We Need Landing Pages?
  5. Conversions & Tracking
  6. Optimisation
  7. Hire the PPC Expert
  8. Advanced PPC Training

SEO Topics

  1. What is SEO?
  2. User Experience’ Matters
  3. Balancing Conversions With Usability & User Satisfaction
  4. Google Wants To Rank High-Quality Websites
  5. Technical SEO
  6. What Is Domain Authority?
  7. Is Domain Age An Important Google Ranking Factor?
  8. Ranking Factors
  9. Keyword Research
  10. Do Keywords In Bold Or Italic Help?
  11. How Many Words & Keywords Do I Use On A Page?
  12. What is The Perfect Keyword Density?
  13. Can I Just Write Naturally and Rank High in Google?
  14. Do You Need Lots of Text To Rank Pages In Google?
  15. Optimising For ‘The Long Click’
  16. Page Title Element
  17. Meta Keywords Tag
  18. Meta Description Tag
  19. Robots Meta Tag
  20. Robots.txt File
  21. H1-H6: Page Headings
  22. Alt Tags
  23. Search Engine Friendly URLs (SEF)
  24. Absolute Or Relative URLs
  25. Subdirectories or Files For URL Structure
  26. Which Is Better For Google? PHP, HTML or ASP?
  27. Does W3C Valid HTML / CSS Help Rank?
  28. Point Internal Links To Relevant Pages
  29. Link Out To Related Sites
  30. Broken Links Are A Waste Of Link Power
  31. Does Only The First Link Count In Google?
  32. Duplicate Content Penalty
  33. Double or Indented Listings in Google
  34. Redirect Non-WWW To WWW
  35. 301 Redirects Are POWERFUL & WHITE HAT
  36. Canonical Link Element Is Your Best Friend
  37. Do I Need A Google XML Sitemap For My Website?
  38. Rich Snippets
  39. EXAMPLE: Adding Schema.org Markup to Your Footer
  40. Keep It Simple, Stupid
  41. How Fast Should Your Website Download?
  42. A Non-Technical Google SEO Strategy
  43. What Not To Do In Website Search Engine Optimisation
  44. Don’t Flag Your Site With Poor Website Optimisation
  45. The Continual Evolution of SEO
  46. Beware Pseudoscience
  47. How Long Does It Take To See Results?
  48. What Makes A Page Spam?
  49. If A Page Exists Only To Make Money, The Page Is Spam, to Google
  50. Doorway Pages
  51. A Real Google Friendly Website
  52. Google Webmaster Guidelines
  53. How Do You Submit A Site To Search Engines?
  54. How Do I Verify A Site with Google Webmaster Tools?

ORM – Online Reputation Management

Learn ORM – Online Reputation Management Tutorials


Safety Tips & Guideline for Online Reputation management

Learn Digital Marketing Step by Step.. .

Digital Marketing Strategy and Starting Guide – Step 1

Know Your Marketing Framework – Step 2

Tell Your Brand’s Story – Step 3

Now Find your Customers – Step 4

Start of Conversion Rate Optimization – Step 5

Build Audience Connnection With Content Marketing – Step 6

Find the best Paid Marketing Channel – Step 7

Start Email Marketing – Build Personal Connections – Step 8

Affiliate Marketing – Increase Your Sale – Step 9

Organic SEO – Improving and promoting Your Website – Step 10

Hire a Best Press Releases Agency – Step 11

Launch Your Social Marketing Strategy – Step 12

Start Mobile & App Marketing – Step 13

Make a Marketer’s Community – Step 14

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