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12 Best CRM Software for Education Industry

Best CRM Software for Education Industry – If, as an educational institution or organization, you are not managing data about your leads and customers effectively, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities. If you look closely, you will see that all successful education institutions spend a lot of time on implementing the best tools and software that can store and manage tons of user data with the utmost ease.

Best CRM Software for Education Industry

In this post, we will discuss in detail about all the 12 top-leading, best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that you can set up straightaway. So here we go! Continue reading

10 Best Landing Page Builder Tools

Are you unable to convert leads into customers despite all possible efforts on your part? If you replied with a ‘yes’ to this question, odds are high that your website’s landing pages aren’t as effective and appealing as they should ideally be. Maybe it’s high time that you considered other Landing Page Builder Tools that will increase the sales of your products and services manifold.

In this post, we will take a good look at the best landing page builder tools available — both free and paid — that will take your website to new heights.


What is a Landing Page?

Before jumping on to the top landing page builder tools, let’s first take a look at what exactly is a landing page and why brands depend so heavily on them for better conversions. Continue reading

10 Best E-commerce Platforms to Launch an Online Store

Most of the modern-day entrepreneurs invest heavily in online stores as the business is quite lucrative, especially in the long term. Hence, it is important that E-commerce store owners and marketers use the top, best platforms to launch their ambitious online shopping portals.

In case you are looking to set up an online store for your products and services, but are not yet sure as to the best platform that will suit your needs and long-term vision, look no further than this post, wherein we are going to discuss the top platforms to launch an E-commerce website in the post-Covid world.

Before jumping on to the top e-commerce platforms to start an online store, let us first look at the aspects that make a platform worth our time and effort. Continue reading

10 Best Online Shopping Sites in India

When the concept of online shopping entered the Indian market a decade or so ago, there were serious doubts about its success, considering the mindset of shoppers who had thus far relied on ‘touching’ and ‘feeling’ the product before making a purchase. However, high discount rates and numerous cashback offers were able to attract the youth slowly and steadily toward buying products online.

Reportedly, Online shopping in India is expected to touch a whopping $111 billion by the end of 2024. This figure, in itself, is a proof that online shopping has become a significant part of every urban Indian, especially post the COVID-19 pandemic. The reach of the Indian e-commerce market is slowly tapping into the rural areas as well.

In this post, we will take a look at the best online shopping sites in India that cover a number of specific niche such as clothing and apparel, electronics, groceries, cookware and kitchenware, furniture, books, etc. Before proceeding straight to the list, let us first look at a few aspects where online shopping beats offline shopping. Continue reading

7 Best Email Marketing Software 2021

When the first email was sent in the year 1971 by its inventor Ray Tomlinson, little did anyone know how huge a marketing channel it would become over the course of years. Although many types of marketing methods come and go, e-mail has been a mainstay and is likely to be so for many years to come.

Emails are quite flexible and there are a number of ways through which marketers create an impact through it. The method is equally useful for B2B and B2C customers, and can be used to market any type of products/services, regardless of the utility and price of products and services being sold through it.

In this post, we will take a look at the best email marketing software that you can use for your business either completely free or through a very affordable monthly/yearly subscription plans. But before we head on the list, let us first understand the significance of email marketing.

Why is E/mail Marketing Important?

Stats suggest that presently 4 billion people use email across the globe. If there are so many users, just imagine the number of mails that are exchanged every day. There are a number of reasons why email marketing holds relevance, even to this day: Continue reading

7 Best Sales Funnel Software 2021

You must have often heard and read the term “Sales Funnel” in business magazines, e-commerce business journeys, entrepreneurial success stories, etc. Despite this term appearing so often in our conversation, most of us do not have a clear idea as to what exactly does this term mean.


In this post we will analyze the term sales funnel deeply and also list down the best sales funnel software that will help you convert leads into customers easily and effectively. So let’s begin with the basics.

What is a Sales Funnel?

A Sales Funnel is defined as the ‘process of purchase’ that companies lead customers through while buying products and services. Putting simply, each stage of a sales funnel is a step that an individual has to take in order to become your customer.

You may also define sales funnel as the process through which an organization finds, qualifies and sells its product/services to buyers. Continue reading

How to Approved Disapproved Ads Due to Binary Options – Fixed

 Binary Options Disapproved ads – Fixed 

Hi friends,

if you are facing the binary options ads disappved issues and wanted to fix that, then you are in the right place, I can help you to fix this issues within 5 mintue.


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What is Binary options issues?

Binary options

Due to the significant risk of financial loss involved in trading binary options, the following are not allowed:

 Ads for binary options or synonymous financial product
Examples: Ads for digital options, binary options, digital 100, fixed return options, all-or-nothing options

Continue reading

Digital Marketing Strategy for Big Ticket Size Business


Digital Marketing Strategy for Big Ticket Size Business – if you want to sell high price big products to customers, its requires a different approach than selling to small and medium-sized businesses. we do support to small and medium sized bossiness in India, Uk, USA and Canada

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here are strategy points:

1. Strategy — Do your homework. Figure out what your ideal enterprise customer is already doing without your product. Hone your message to deliver what they need.
2. Research — Find out the right person to be speaking with. Even if an enterprise needs you, a person does the ordering. Get to know that person — and what they want from you.
3. Tools — Put in place smart (and usually “FREE”) technology to help you follow-up and follow-through on the promises you make and the process of closing the deal.
4. Connections — Reach out to smart people who can help you execute your strategy and make important introductions to the people who can a close a deal with you. Continue reading

Fixed Unsupported Punjabi Language Videos on YouTube


How to fix Unsupported Punjabi language videos on YouTube – According to Google ads policies the Punjabi is unsupported language in Google ads and as a result, you cannot promote your music videos in Regional language. but don’t worry here I give you simple tricks to bypass the process of ads approval of video ads.

You have seen lot of Punjabi songs are running on YouTube with video ads supported.

if you want to learn – how to approved Punjabi unsupported YouTube ads video. here you can find the course syllabus and details

Click to see the course: Punjabi Video approval course

Now your question is :

how do I promote my Punjabi songs on YouTube as Google has policy of disproved ads of language not supported.

My Answer is:

I already handling more then 20+ Big music brands and YouTube Channels and their ads account I approved all type of language Unsupported videos.  Currently I working with few languages – Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, bengali, kannada, english etc. I can help you to fix this issues, Now  I am available for your video ads support – send a whatapps msg only @ 9915337448

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Learn How to Create Video Ads & Language Setting

What is Google Ads video?
Video campaigns let you show video ads on their own or within other streaming video content on YouTube and across the Google Display Network.

Continue reading

Crowdfunding Marketing Strategy for India

Crowdfunding Marketing Strategy for India – Hi friends, from last 5 year I am working with lots of clients who want to raise funds for their startups, NGO and products development.

am Digital marketing guy I can help to achieve their goal with legal manner.

must read: Digital Marketing Strategy for Crowdfunding

I am working with USA  and Indian Crowdfunding Platforms.  I do YouTube marketing, Facebook ads marketing, website designing and landing page creations for crowdfunding campaigns.


In this post you will learn how to generate funds from Crowdfunding – Crowdfunding is a marketing strategy for raising money from a huge number of people who can contribute a small amount to your business or project. In return, you need to offer them some benefits.

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In the past few years, crowdfunding has gained immense popularity. If you can successfully convince large masses of people to contribute a small amount, you will be able to generate required capital within a short time without much hassle.


What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a great way to earn money for a project, product or personal business venture. Since getting its start, crowdfunding has helped entrepreneurs all over the world get the financial support they need.

What is crowd funding in India?

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project/venture or social cause (Medical/Education/ Sports) by raising money from many individuals for a common goal. Continue reading more on equity crowdfunding, reward-based crowdfunding, and what are the SEBI rules in India about Crowdfunding.

There are plenty of players in India’s crowdfunding space today. Ketto, which is Asia’s largest crowdfunding platform, has fuelled a revolution. On Ketto, contributions are made towards a broad spectrum of sustainable causes, which include medical crowdfunding, creative crowdfunding, start-up crowdfunding, NGO crowdfunding and even crowdfunding for the welfare of animals.

With some rave Ketto campaign reviews, the platform is driving a humongous change. Online fundraising helps you to mobilise like-minded people across the internet and raise funds for a cause they support.

In healthcare space, Ketto’s contribution has come as a respite in many cases ranging from open heart surgery, NICU care, kidney transplant, bone marrow transplant, and cancer treatment among others. So far, the platform has been able raise the sum of over Rs 90 crore for more than 15,000 medical cases across India.

There are several reasons why thousands of families have chosen Ketto for their medical crowdfunding. One of the factors that work in Ketto’s favour is it’s very simple and easy to set up. Anyone can start a campaign on Ketto.

They have to simply go to the website and follow the step-by-step procedures to successfully launch their campaigns for crowdfunding. Secondly, with the help of its extensive network, Ketto allows contributors to donate from anywhere in the world and through different currency valuations.

Indian Top crowdfunding Platforms

‎Ketto: #1 Crowdfunding Site – Raise Funds for Any Cause‎
‎Start a campaign and collect funds for any cause like Health, Education, Social causes. Ketto is India’s most trusted crowdfunding site. We help raise funds for any cause. 24X7 Chat. 500+ Crore Raised. Corporate CSR. No Minimum Goal. Zero Setup Fees. Dedicated Support. Continue reading