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Digital Marketing Strategies for Dentists

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Dentists

Grow Your Dental Practice with Digital Marketing

  • Want New Dental Patients?
  • Want More Dental Patients?
  • Want Repeat Dental Patients?

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Dentists – The importance of online marketing is increasing every day.

Around 3.8 billion people are connected to the Internet on their phones. In USA, Canada, UK and India, the density of mobile users and social media users is incredibly high ― many prospective customers for dentists. Dental practices can target this group by using digital marketing to their advantage.

According to Google – When dental patients look for dentists information, they start with search engines

  • 48% of patients start searches for more info
  • 32% begin the process of research
  • 56% visit advertised website
  • 66% consider the advertised treatment center

I work with many Dentists Clinic on their marketing efforts.  It’s become a specialty of mine.  I kind of fell into the “Dentists marketing Expert” niche, and I’m loving it.

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Initially I started working with one DentistandSmile centre on their marketing efforts, and over time my contacts and reputation grew and I began working with multiple Dentists clients.

The Dentists is a hard business.  But it can be a very profitable business if run correctly.  One of the keys to successfully running a Dentists center is to do everything you can do to keep the Dentists leads coming in throughout the year.

Surjeet Thakur is the founder of PPCChamp, a leading digital marketing firm for dental practices that specializes in SEO for dentists. Surjeet has been working in the advertising industry for the past 14+ years, primarily in the digital space helping local businesses.

Primarily the Internet does 3 things extraordinarily well. It is a great way to;

Promote – connect – convert

  • provide information.
  • find information.
  • promote and sell services and products.

Here is how we help:

  • Increase the number of potential patients that see your dental office online.
  • Increase the number of potential patients that contact your practice.
  • Measure our efforts on a monthly basis to demonstrate value to your practice.

The Fear Factor and Patient Satisfaction

Dentist: “Hi, my name is Dr. John. How can I help you today?”

Patient: “My tooth hurts. Oh, and nothing personal, but I hate dentists and I`d rather be somewhere else!”

First Question asked yourself?

  • Why should patients choose your practice?
  • Is your website up to par?
  • Who is your competitors
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Who is Dentist – how to run dental clinic successfully?

A dentist, also known in the U.S. as a dental surgeon, is a surgeon who specializes in dentistry—the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases and conditions of the oral cavity. The dentist’s supporting team aids in providing oral health services.

SEO PPC ORM for Dentists

Advanced digital marketing strategies for dentists:

how to attract patients to your practice – Here are six steps to mastering basic marketing strategies that will draw in new patients.

  • Set your goal
  • Build a Trust
  • Develop a funnel
  • Convert
  • Reporting

a. Awareness – Prove to site visitors that you are the dental practice for them. Show them why you’re the perfect practice for the busy professional or the mother with three kids.

Whoever your target patient is, your website should include a “statement of benefit,” content that shows why a patient should choose you. This may be a lead magnet (we’ll get to that in a minute) or some text on your homepage.

b. Interest – By staying on your website and reading the information, people are showing that they have some level of interest in becoming a patient. Use a call to action or lead magnet to gather information about a person.

This should lead to a contact form where they put in some information (name and email address). Also, you can cater your website to appeal to their needs. For example, if someone is looking for a new dentist because they’ve just moved to the area and have a toothache,

having information about toothaches and possible treatments is a good way to prolong interest.

Desire – At the end of each page, invite people to contact you for a consultation or appointment, especially at the end or in the sidebar of pages that provide information about your services or specific dental problems.

They already have the desire, you just have to give them the impetus to make the call.

Action – Once they’ve contacted you, make sure to reach out and return that connection. As soon as a call or message comes through, get in touch with that person and schedule the consultation or appointment.

Taking swift action prevents the person from slipping through your grasp.

  • Don’t forget excellent calls to action
  • Develop a lead magnet ­
  • Drive traffic to your site

Before you even get started with the dental marketing tips, you’ll first need to have a couple essential things in place. These include:

  • White Hat SEO
  • social media marketing
  • Advertise your dental practice with direct mail
  • Get smart with your PPC
  • Online Reputation for Dentists

  • Responsive websites for mobile users
  • Ask your patients for reviews
  •  A competitive advantage (Unique Selling Proposition) that sets your practice apart
  •  A great, user-friendly website
  • Email Marketing For Dentists

Let’s briefly touch upon how to get both of these things in place.

Potential local patients need to be able to find you and discover your practice on the first page of a search.

The right SEO strategy can not only accomplish this, but also develop a long-term marketing channel that consistently directs specific, targeted traffic to your site.

  • Organic Google Maps Local Dental SEO.
  • Natural White-hat SEO.
  • Increase Millennial Patients.
  • Increase Brand Awareness.
  • Increase Appointment Calls.
  • Expert Team with 10+ Years’ Experience.

Best Dental Marketing Keywords

Keyword Avg Monthly Searches
invisalign 135,000
dentist 135,000
braces 90,500
root canal 90,500
wisdom teeth 74,000
dentist near me 60,500
affordable dentures 60,500
teeth whitening 49,500
veneers 49,500
dental implants 49,500
wisdom teeth removal 49,500
lumineers 49,500
toothache 33,100
gentle dental 33,100
dentures 27,100
invisalign cost 27,100
pediatric dentist 27,100
dental 22,200
emergency dentist 18,100
wisdom teeth pain 18,100
tmj treatment 18,100
how to whiten teeth 18,100
oral surgeon 18,100
bruxism 18,100
tmj symptoms 18,100
tooth extraction 14,800
cosmetic dentistry 14,800
tooth pain 14,800
dental implant cost 12,100
dental post 12,100
best teeth whitening 12,100
impacted wisdom teeth 12,100
dentistry for children 12,100
dental plans 12,100
tooth decay 12,100
dentistry 9,900
dentists 9,900
zoom whitening 9,900
family dentistry 9,900
dental implants cost 9,900
teeth whitening products 9,900
veneers cost 9,900
porcelain veneers 9,900
toothache remedies 9,900
root canal pain 9,900
dental crown 8,100
emergency dental care 8,100
dental bridge 8,100
implants 8,100
wisdom tooth pain 8,100

Come up with a compelling offer

So what should your offer be? Here are some compelling offer ideas for dentists:

  • Free X-Rays/teeth-whitening/etc. for first-time patients
  • Free $60 Visa gift card for new patients
  • iPad giveaway drawing (in exchange for entering email address)
  • Coupon for 50% off any dental service for first 100 people to follow your new Twitter account
  • Visit our website to get a free download (visitors will be asked to fill out a form to get the download)


The right SEO strategy can direct patients to your site whenever they search for specific conditions or solutions to those conditions.

The right site content can steer potential patients to a valuable resource where they will be better informed of the solutions to their dental issues and position your practice as the area’s foremost authority on how to properly deal with them.

We can help you develop winning SEO content that helps you quickly establish a solid trust relationship between new patients and your practice.


SEO isn’t just about high page rankings. You want to target specific individuals and niches to ensure that the leads you generate are of the highest possible quality.

Yes, it is possible to attract a majority audience that has high potential to choose your dental practice.

With the right SEO strategies in place on every page of your website, you can be assured that the leads you generate will be viable and offer potential to rapidly grow and expand.


Does your practice specialize in specific procedures? If so, it is not just important but also necessary to optimize your site to attract patients seeking those procedures.

we can develop an SEO strategy that goes beyond just keywords to help potential patients looking for specific procedures find your practice first.


Responsive design has become the cornerstone of effective SEO. It allows site visitors to have a positive experience with your site regardless of how they access it.

Whether your visitors land on your site from a desktop PC, a laptop, or a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet, it needs to load quickly and display well.

Your SEO experts at PPCChamp also have extensive experience developing top-quality, fully responsive websites that meet and exceed the requirements of Google and other search engines for high page rankings.


One of the most prolific concepts in the world of search engine optimization is that “content is king.” If your website doesn’t share information relevant to the dental industry, then search engines have a difficult time knowing if your website should be on page one.

The more you blog and refer to “city + dentist” in your posts, the better the chances that the search engines will bring you closer to page one.

The Advantages of Online Marketing for Dentists

Main advantage of this marketing opportunity you will absolutely and positively lose patients – and revenue – to those who do! I’ve spend over 14 years learning how to utilize the Internet as an advertising tool and –

when done correctly – it is not only less expensive, but offers a far greater Return on Investment (OI) than any other form of marketing.

  • cost-effectively establishing a Prominent Internet Presence;
  • generating new patients;
  • increasing revenues;
  • increasing the value of your practice – while minimizing your involvement;

Digital marketing can be a cost-saving option and attract more clients.

Do you need help with your dental marketing startegy? Not sure if you are doing what you should? Not sure of the results to expect?

Let’s get you an analysis. Just click the button below and we’ll get you set up with a website and SEO analysis.

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