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Digital Marketing Strategy for Political Campaign

What are the key online marketing strategies that political campaigns should use heading into the 2017 elections?

here we can discuss and learn digital marketing strategies for Bharti Janta Party (BJP), Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and Congress Party etc.

A Complete Voter Psychology & Behavior Based Strategies 

Example: Aam Aadmi Party has taken to Social Media as much as it has taken to Indian politics. … AAP has been showcasing its political journeys on Youtube and facebook through the effective use of videos. … It is a great marketing strategy.

As we all know, social media is now a core element of modern political campaigns. – Elections are decided by small percentage of the population that consists of undecided voters. Mastering the art of social media strategies is essential for political campaigns to sway these voters.

indian-political-gameThe last two presidential elections proved that digital marketing, including social media, now plays a very integral part on how the public currently chooses their elected officials.

An effective digital marketing campaign during an election cycle can bring you significantly greater visibility and a lower cost than any TV ad buys.

Political campaigns have become more intentional about where and with whom they invest their money. Technology and digital advertising are driving these decisions largely because the internet and social media have fundamentally changed how campaigns strategize and communicate with their constituents.

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Candidates, advocacy groups, and operatives are under more pressure than ever to get the right message, in front of the right person, at the right time. In fact,  – 2016 political ad spending will top $8 billion, with over $1 billion on digital ads alone.

Below are four ways in which digital and social media advertising are changing politics.

Even in the 2016 election cycle, there are plenty of mistakes by candidates on all levels of government.

Most likely, your potential voter spends more time online during the day, even if it’s simply to check their social media sites, than they do watching television.

As your political campaign digital media strategist and consultant, we can provide the campaign agranular level of targeting that can not be achieved with a television ad buy. Continue reading

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