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indian-political-gameIndian Political Consultant Chandigarh India – Indian Politics refers to the activities of the political parties associated with the governance of India as a country. A Politician is person who is professionally involved in politics. Usually, he has good influence over the general people. It is often said that politics is the art and technique of government.

How Do You Change Voters’ Minds?

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The elections in India in 2016 include the five state legislative assembly elections.[1] The tenure of the state legislative assembly of Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Kerala, Puducherry, Assam, expired during the year. More than 18,000 Voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPATs) in 64 Assembly constituencies will be used in these 5 elections. The dates of these elections were announced on 4 March 2016.

Who can stand for Election

Any Indian citizen who is registered as a voter and is over 25 years of age is allowed to contest elections to the Lok Sabha or State Legislative Assemblies. For the Rajya Sabha the age limit is 30 years.

very candidate has to make a deposit of Rs. 10,000/- for Lok Sabha election and 5,000/- for Rajya Sabha or Vidhan Sabha elections, except for candidates from the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes who pay half of these amounts. The deposit is returned if the candidate receives more than one-sixth of the total number of valid votes polled in the constituency. Nominations must be supported at least by one registered elector of the constituency, in the case of a candidate sponsored by a registered Party and by ten registered electors from the constituency in the case of other candidates. Returning Officers, appointed by the Election Commission, are put in charge to receive nominations of candidates in each constituency, and oversee the formalities of the election.

In a number of seats in the Lok Sabha and the Vidhan Sabha, the candidates can only be from either one of the scheduled castes or scheduled tribes. The number of these reserved seats is meant to be approximately in proportion to the number of people from scheduled castes or scheduled tribes in each state. There are currently 79 seats reserved for the scheduled castes and 41 reserved for the scheduled tribes in the Lok Sabha.


Election Management or What is Election Management for Indian Politics

Managing Election is the fastest management ever, you don’t have time to correct your mistakes or make mistakes. Strategies and Planning are very crucial part for any election because if you did a mistake by taking wrong decision then you have to wait for next 5 year to correct it.

Why do we need analysis ? if you have answers for following questions then you don’t need anything like analysis

  • How many voters in your constituency ? ok you know ,that’s great
  • How many party cadre voters ? ok you know ,that’s great
  • How many Brahmins, Thakur, Verma, Maurya, Jatav,Prajapti and many more ?
  • What is the percentage of upper caste, backward caste, lower caste and minority ?
  • How many voters will vote for you from your party cadre votes ?
  • How many will not vote for you and how many can be converted into your voters
  • Dead Voters, Bogus Voters


System of Election

Elections to the Lok Sabha are carried out using a first-past-the-post electoral system. The country is split up into separate geographical areas, known as constituencies, and the electors can cast one vote each for a candidate (although most candidates stand as independents, most successful candidates stand as members of political parties), the winner being the candidate who gets the maximum votes.

Who can vote?

The democratic system in India is based on the principle of universal adult suffrage; that any citizen over the age of 18 can vote in an election (before 1989 the age limit was 21). The right to vote is irrespective of caste, creed, religion or gender. Those who are deemed unsound of mind, and people convicted of certain criminal offences are not allowed to vote.

The Electoral Roll

The electoral roll is a list of all people in the constituency who are registered to vote in Indian Elections. Only those people with their names on the electoral roll are allowed to vote. The electoral roll is normally revised every year to add the names of those who are to turn 18 on the 1st January of that year or have moved into a constituency and to remove the names of those who have died or moved out of a constituency. If you are eligible to vote and are not on the electoral roll, you can apply to the Electoral Registration Officer of the constituency, who will update the register. The updating of the Electoral Roll only stops during an election campaign, after the nominations for candidates have closed.

Computerisation of Rolls

In 1998 the Commission took a historic decision to computerise the entire electoral rolls of 620 million voters. This work has been completed and now well printed electoral rolls are available. The photo identity card number of the voter has also been printed in the electoral rolls, for cross linking. The printed electoral rolls as well as CDs containing these rolls are available for sale to general public. National and State parties are provided these free of cost after every revision of electoral rolls. Entire country’s rolls are also available on this website.

Electors’ Photo Identity Cards (EPIC)

In an attempt to improve the accuracy of the electoral roll and prevent electoral fraud, the Election Commission ordered the making ofphoto identity cards for allvoters in the country in Aug, 1993. To take advantage of latest technological innovations, the Commission issued revised guidelines for EPIC Program in May 2000. More than 450 million Identity cards has been distributed till now.

Voter Education

Voters’ Participation in the democratic and electoral processes is integral to the successful running of any democracy and the very basis of wholesome democratic elections. Recognising this, Election Commission of India, in 2009, formally adopted Voter Education and Electoral participation as an integral part of its election management.

India Political Consultant Services in India

Political Campaign or Electoral Campaign for candidate/party contains the ideas that the candidate/party wants to share with the voters. We provide all types of electoral campaign which directly enters into voter’s heart
Breakthrough vCampaign Ideas

  • 3D Campaign Ideas
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Website Campaign
  • Mobile App Campaign
  • Promos Material
  • Events
  • Political Party Slogans
  • And Many More Campaign Ideas

Services offered by Leadtech to their client helps them to know and improve their position for election candidature by analyzing :
1. Demographic pattern voting pattern.
2. Area wise analysis ( to identify strong or weak polling area.
3. Past Election Analysis to understand and forecast the result.
4. Collecting voters feedback as a suggestions to their leader to make the improvement upon.
5. Door to Door Campaign for Voter Awareness.

Algorithms used:

UNIVERSAL SEARCH Integration of traditional results with News, Videos, Images, Local etc.
DEWEY Unspecified updated to the search index.
REAL-TIME SEARCH Twitter feeds, Google News, & new content are integrated into real-time feed.
CAFFEINE Launch of new web indexing system, resulting in 50% fresher index.
FRESHNESS UPDATED Greater emphasis put on recent content in search results.
VENICE More localized results appear for board queries.
MOBILE-FRIENDLY Mobile friendliness becomes a stronger ranking factor for mobile searchers.

In general content leveraging and sharing same content in various social media platforms or web platforms can topple down our effort

Every year the number of internet users increases drastically and according to a recent survey conducted, India tops on the survey by a massive 35% increase in internet users.

Some wonderful findings…

  • As of today, India’s Internet Population stood at 535 Million ( which is the 2nd Largest in the world) , US stands 3rd
  • India has seen a 35x growth in search queries in the last 5 years
  • India is Google 2rd largest market globally
  • India is the 4th Largest nation in term of YouTube users
  • Indian’s spend around 18 hours online ( in a week) on an average. That’s more than the time we spend watching TV

In higher level analysis, we figure out voters distribution according to best fit from booth level analysis
What we do in higher level analysis

  • A Level Voters – Party Cadre Voters
    Those voters, who will vote for party irrespective of candidate caste
  • B Level Voters – Depends on Candidate Caste
    Those voters, who can be converted towards party votes by candidate caste
  • C Level Votes – Doubtful voters
    Those voters, who are doubtful about voting, but can cast their votes on people opinion or various factors
  • D Level Voters – Who don’t vote
    Those voters, who don’t vote in election by their choice or any other reasons


Our political research covers evaluation of voting trends, opinion polls/exit polls and historical election data.


Election Campaign Management acts like a bridge between voters and political leader/political parties.


Election Campaign Management acts like a bridge between voters and political leader/political parties.

  1. Finding micro and macro issues which can influence elections
  2. Image of present leader and assessing satisfaction level
  3. Opinion poll to know voter’s mood
  4. Collecting contact numbers of influential people at booth level
  5. Caste equation and their voting pattern
  6. Vote share in favour of our client
  7. Expectations of people from an ideal candidate

Opinion and Exit polls Research

  1. It evaluates the present public preference of all the given candidates
  2. Its feedback predicts most suitable candidate for the region
  3. It determines caste-wise poling distribution
  4. Identifies effective media sources which are most influential for voters
  5. Preferred ministerial candidates at state and national level

>Election management Services:

1. Door-to-door Mass Campaign
2. At Bulk SMS and IVR Calls
3. Social Digital Media and e-Campaigning
4. War Room

=> Recruitment & Placement – Advisory on Winnability of Candidates
=> Analyze constituency-level voting histories and actions
=> Perform issue research / opposition research
=> Research-driven contents developments for campaigns
=> Media Liaisoning & Media Buying
=> Consult on budgeting and fundraising strategies
=> Conduct polls / surveys and analyze polling data
=> Write / edit news releases, speeches, etc.
=> Risk managment / Crisis management
=> Political image consulting, parrot training and management
=> 24×7 Advisory
=> Equation based Leadership / Recruitment Advisory
=> Perform issue research / opposition research
=> Research-driven policy developments & amendments
=> Media Liaisoning & Media Monitoring – Regional to Global
=> Consult on post-election budgeting and fundraising strategies
=> Write / edit news releases, speeches, etc.
=> Risk Advisory / Crisis management
=> Political image consulting, training and management

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