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My Ads copy Disapproved in Quora Ads – How to fix That

Oh your ads disapproved by Quora… hmm no issues I will help you to fix this issues.. In this post I am going to share you every expect of ads disapproval. so follow step by step and start reading…

How to Approved Quora Ads – Step by step guidelines 

You can access your adsmanager by logging into Quora with the same account you’ve enabled for ads and then navigating to quora.com/ads.

All ads will be reviewed before they go live, so please familiarize yourself with our ad policies so you don’t run into issues.

Common reasons ads get flagged during our review process:

  • Poor punctuation, grammar, or spelling: we require sentence casing for the headline and description text.
  • Prohibited categories: common verticals that aren’t allowed include weight loss, payday loans, illegal substances.
  • False claims: we don’t allow companies to make false claims that aren’t substantiated on their landing pages.
  • Landing page quality: landing page should not have irrelevant pop-ups.
  • Poor targeting: we do require that advertisers appropriately target to relevant topics.

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How much does advertising on Quora cost?

How much does advertising on Quora cost?

Quora ads are priced on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, so you only pay for the clicks on your ads, not for impressions.

After setting a CPC bid, your ads will compete in an auction against other ads, and factors including your bid and the likelihood of a click determine the winning ad.

Due to the auction, there is not a pre-set cost for clicks. In general, the higher your bid, the more likely you are to receive clicks.



Where do Quora ads appear?

Where do Quora ads appear?

Currently, Quora ads appear in the following locations:

  1. Below the questions and answers on question pages
  2. On the expanded version of an answer when a user clicks an answer from their home feed

Ads appear on both web and mobile experiences, and globally unless location targeting is specified.

We are always testing new ad experiences and placements with the goal of delivering better value to our advertisers and users, so placements will continue to evolve.

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How does advertising on Quora work?

Quora ads are text-based native ad units that drive visitors to an advertiser’s site.

They appear adjacent to our core content, questions, and answers, and can be targeted by a variety of features such as question topics, platform, and location to ensure you can capture your target audience. Continue reading

How do Quora app install ads work?

in this article you will learn How do Quora app install ads work? – To leverage Quora’s app install ads, create a new campaign and select ‘App Installs’ as your campaign objective.

Quora app install ads feature a custom call-to-action and the ability to target iOS or Android. They also have the same copy, targeting and bidding options as standard Quora conversion ads. Continue reading

How to Retargeting your Website on Quora Ads

How to Retargeting your Website on Quora Ads – First, make sure you have setup the Quora conversion pixel on the pages you want to retarget. For more details,

please see How do I install the conversion pixel?.

In the Quora Ads Manager, you can create an audience of users who visited different parts of your website. You can then target that audience of website visitors with Quora Ads. Audience targeting is now available in addition to topic, platform and geography based targeting.
To create a targetable audience based on traffic to your website and other demographic criteria, click ‘Create Audience’ from the Audiences tab. Continue reading

Advertise on Quora – Quora ads manager & Expert

quora-ads-india-ppc-expertAdvertise on Quora today – Get 100% results on Quora PPC/CPC Ads network in India, USA, UK, Canada etc. People come to Quora to ask questions and read insightful answers. This includes people looking for reliable information about your company, products, competitors and industry. Advertise on Quora to influence people during the consideration phase of their purchase process.

How to advertise on Quora?

We already worked with 20+ Quora advertise clients.. And getting 100% ROI.. You can hire us for your business to promote CPC Ads through Quora.

Benefits of Quora Ads

  • 200+ million monthly visitors
  • Only pay for results
  • Content based search results
  • Ads will be targeted by topic, geography, & platform (like desktop or mobile)
  • Unlike Google ads, Quora ads will not be keyword based
  • Ads will consists of a headline, ad message, and a call to action button linked to your landing page URL (the ad content will be clearly marked as promoted)
  • Quora ads will run off a CPC-based ad model  – on which bid will happen in real-time
  • Users can provide feedback about the relevance of an ad appearing on a thread
Call for Quora Advertise: 09915337448, Skype: oli-jee

Why Advertise on Quora?

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