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Study Visa Immigration | Visa Immigration PPC Keywords

Study Visa Immigration | Visa Immigration PPC Keywords

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here you can find top conversion Google ads keywords list for your study visa ads campaigns are:

  • visa immigration
  • visa immigration consultant
  • study visa consultant
  • student visa consultant
  • best study visa consultant city name
  • top student visa consultant city name
  • Canada study visa consultant
  • UK study visa consultant
  • USA study visa consultant
  • study visa services in city name
  • student visa consultant near by me
  • refusal study visa consultant
  • study visa immigration consultant
  • etc…

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PPC / Adwords Keywords for UK Driving Licence

PPC Keywords for UK Driving Licence – here you can find the list for most conversion ppc / Adwords keywords for UK Driving Licence. If you run a ppc for these keywords you may get conversion traffic and clicks.

What is a provisional license UK?

The provisional driving licence gives you permission to drive on the UK roads (excluding motorways), whilst under the supervision of your driving instructor or another driver over the age of 21 who has held a full driving licence for a minimum of three years. Continue reading

Zumba Dance Keywords for Marketing


Zumba Dance Keywords for Marketing – here you can find the most searchable and profitable keywords for Zumba Dance. if you have your own Zumba Dance Academy, Music, Dvd, Workouts, Gym or Classes you need these keywords for online marketing. Continue reading

Most Searched keywords on youtube 2017

Most Searched keywords on youtube 2017 – here you can find the most searched keywords for youtube.

YouTube is an American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California. The service was created by three former PayPal employees—Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim—in February 2005. Continue reading

Most Profitable Keywords for Google AdWords 2017

Most Profitable Keywords for Google AdWords 2017 – Here you can find the list of most profitable business keywords for PPC – (Pay per click) campaign.

Most Profitable Business Categories:

  1. Finance & Insurance – $6.2 Billion
  2. Retailers & General Merchandise – $3.5 Billion
  3. Travel & Tourism – $3.4 Billion
  4. Jobs & Education – $3.2 Billion
  5. Home & Garden— $3.1 Billion
  6.  Computer & Consumer Electronics – $3.0 Billion
  7. Vehicles – $3.0 Billion
  8. Internet & Telecommunications – $1.9 Billion
  9. Business & Industrial – $1.7 Billion
  10. Occasions & Gifts – $1.5 Billion

Most Profitable PPC Keywords List 2017 – Find the Most Profitable Keywords for Your Google AdWords Campaign

Travel & Tourism – $3.4 Billion

  1. “new york hotels”
  2. “plane tickets”
  3. “cheap hotels”
  4. “rental car deals”
  5. “last minute flights”

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PPC Keywords for Dentists

PPC Keywords for Dentists – With the knowledge and experience that we have gained using AdWords, we are able to offer you Google AdWords management services that will generate profitable PPC campaigns.hp-keywords

Generally we can start a Google AdWords campaign. but it can be vary widely depending on number of required keywords, keyword research requirements and construction time. Our Google Adwords management service includes:

  1. Keyword Research and Selection
  2. AdWord Design and Setup
  3. Writing Advertising Copy and Descriptions
  4. Pay Per Click Bid Management
  5. Monitoring Keyword and Campaign Performance
  6. Ongoing Campaign Budget Management
  7. Revising Copy and Bids
  8. Performance Reports

here you can find 200+ best ppc conversion keywords for Dentists.

  • Brand terms – any keyword containing your brand name and trademarked terms.
  • Generic terms – term relating to products or services offered.
  • Related terms – terms that don’t directly relate to what you’re selling, but that users who want your treatments or services may be searching for.
  • Competitor terms – the brand names of competitors who offered similar treatments and services to you.
  • Location terms – terms that reflect the locations you want to appear for based on where you are, but also can include.

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Plumbing Keywords list 2021 | PPC & SEO Services

PPC – Google Adwords & SEO plumbing keywords list 2021 – if you going to create PPC Campaign for Plumbing business or doing a SEO for Plumbing website, first you need a Good conversion Plumbing keywords list. Call only Ads for Plumbers

In this post I am sharing a Most conversion keywords list for Plumbing business – you can use these keywords for your PPC Campaign or SEO sites.

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Most Commonly Searched Plumbing Keywords

Keyword Monthly Searches
plumbing contractor 79,300
emergency plumber 62,500
water heater repair 53,600
shower installation 39,900

Plumbing Keywords list 2017

  • plumber service
  • need a plumber
  • Plumbing services
  • water heater repair
  • shower installation
  • tap installation
  • Plumbing
  • Plumbing Parts & Repair
  • plumbing contractors
  • Shower Plumbing
  • Plumbing home
  • Plumbing kitchen
  • Plumbing office
  • Plumbing bathroom
  • Plumbing sinks
  • toilet plumbing
  • sink plumbing
  • tub plumbing
  • water plumbing
  • bath plumbing
  • drain plumbing
  • plumbing service near me
  • plumbing pipe

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Tour & Travel PPC Keywords List

Tour & Travel PPC Keywords List – here you can find top best conversion ppc – Adwords Keywords list for Tours and Travels campaign. you can use these keywords for high ROI.

Travel Business

The travel industry is the third largest spending industry category in AdWords paid search, spending ÂŁ96 million in the UK during 2014. However, the travel industry also has the lowest conversion rates of 1.45%. This is not only an indication of how competitive the industry is, but also how profitable it can be if your paid search activity is managed correctly and cost efficiently.

So once you’ve got the above basics right, you can move on to further developing your campaigns with long tail keywords and mobile strategies:

Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords can greatly increase an advertiser’s relevance, particularly in competitive industries like travel. These are the three or four keyword phrases that feature heavily towards the lower end of the search funnel, when a user is more certain of what they’re looking for and ready to purchase – making them highly profitable.

For example, bidding on the keyword “Safari deals” would likely see you in direct competition with all safari tour operators and online travel agencies selling safari holidays. On the other hand, targeting long tail keywords like “South Africa Safari holidays in March” allows you to tailor your ad copy and landing page to the exact search query, as a result of this you will also be cutting out much of the competition who are bidding on more generic terms. Therefore less competition and more relevant ads for search queries that have a high chance of converting making long tail keywords a powerful search marketing tool.
There is a point where the time needed to manage large volumes of long tail keywords outweighs the value they bring. The Search terms reports are a great place to start for an indication of what long tail keywords should be targeted in your campaigns.

Top best Tours and Travels Keywords list:

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