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How to Edit PDF Files

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Is Editing a PDF file a more complicated task for you?

Here you will learn some easy steps for editing a PDF file.

In today’s scenario, PDF files are very common in use. These files are used by Businesses and for personal as well, But mostly used in comics, Novels or for those files that are not meant for further editing.

PDF file was created by Adobe in 90’s and now it has become a powerful tool for exchanging valuable data, including presentations, CAD Drawings, invoices, government forms and other legal documents.

2 Major Reasons behind PDF popularity:

More Compact:- The PDFs are generally more compact(smaller in size) than any source document and they preserve the original formatting.

Content cannot be modified:- The content of a PDF cannot be easily modified as it protects your content from copying, printing.

As software for editing is costly such as Adobe Acrobat, only few people can afford this software but there are some free tools available that are damn good for basic editing.

Lets discuss In detail:

  • You can convert your PDF file via
  • Free Editing Tools
  • Online Editor

Free Editing Tools

There are some free softwares available in the market that will let you edit PDF files. These softwares are not as good as paid, but yes they can help you in some basic editing tasks.

Tool 1:- PDFedit

It is an Open source software and comes with all basic editing tools. To get start with it, you just need to download this software and launch it in your desktop.

Go to file option and then select the open button

Now, choose the PDF file which you would like to edit and hit Open. Once your file is open, you can make three types of edits, including editing text, images and adding annotations.

Just click on each editing option and more options related to it will be displayed on the opposite side of editing options.

Just use these options to edit your PDF file and once you are done, click on “File” again and from there click on “Save” to save the changes.

Note: The changes you will make will be made to the original file, no new files will be created. If you would like to preserve the original file, then click on “Savecopy” instead of “Save” from the “File” option.

Tool 2:- PDFill and Oracle PDF Import Extension

This software is the most useful free program tool because of its ability to convert almost any PDF. Also, PDFill can convert images contained in your PDF into vector images, as well as edit PDF objects. It is available for all major platforms, including Mac PDFill can come in handy when you want to work with form fields, decrypt a PDF

To edit a PDF file using the PDF Import Extension, follow the steps below.

If you don’t already have OpenOffice installed on your computer. Download and install OpenOffice. This is a complete suite of free productivity software that includes OpenOffice Draw.

After installing OpenOffice, run the PDF Import Extension.

Next, open the program OpenOffice Draw.

Once open, navigate to the PDF you want to edit and open it.

After the PDF has been open, edit any text field by double-click it. If you want to add new text, click the Text link at the bottom of the window, and then click where you want to add text.

Finally, after you have finished editing the file click the PDF link to export the file as a PDF.

For PDfill

Below are the steps to edit and otherwise manipulate a PDF using PDFill.

Download and install PDFill.

Open the PDFill PDF Editor if you want to edit a PDF or the PDFill PDF Tools if you want to encrypt, decrypt, merge, add headers, or perform other quick tasks.

If you are editing a file, after PDFill PDF Editor is open, click File, select Open New PDF Project, and browse to the PDF you want to edit.

Tool 3: Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 does a reasonable job of both writing and reading PDF files. It is particularly good at opening Office files saved as PDFs and they can be edited and saved as Word files or PDFs again. Like the other pro tools, it isn’t perfect, but you do get an editable Word document.

Tool 4:- Nuance Power PDF Advanced.

Power PDF Advanced is a PDF editor and convertor that matches Acrobat Pro feature-for-feature, while offering useful extras like a more flexible search and a more familiar business interface

Tool 5:- ZamZar.com

If you want to convert your PDF file to another format like HTML or word. You can use this software which is free of cost and easily convert your PDF into any format like doc, html, text and many more.

Tool 6:- Google Translate

If you have a PDF file in some strange language for example Arabic or Chinese then you can conver it through Translate.Google.com upload the PDF file, choose the destination language and hit the Translate button. The document text is translated though the formatting won’t be preserved.

Tool 7:- pdfprotect.net

If you want to set a security password. The service can be used to password-protect files up to 10 MB in size.

Tool 8:- Becy PDFMetaEdit.

If you would like to edit the meta-data associated* with a PDF document, check out Becy PDFMetaEdit. This is a free utility that can help you edit properties of a PDF document including the title, author name, creation data, keywords, etc.

Tool 9:- PDF writer.

If you want to edit the text in a PDF file but don’t have access to the source documents, your best bet is that you convert the PDF file into an editable Word document or an Excel spreadsheet depending on the contents of the PDF.

Then edit these converted PDFs in Microsoft Office (or Google Docs) and export the modified files back into PDF format using any PDF writer.

Tool 10:-  PDF XChange

Now that you know the basic PDF editing tools, let’s look at another set of PDF editors that are also free but can help you do some more advanced editing like replacing images on a PDF file, adding signatures, removing blocks of text without breaking the flow of the document, etc.

First there’s PDF XChange, a free PDF viewer and editor that you also may use for typing text directly on any PDF page. PDF XChange also supports image stamps so you may use the tool for signing PDF files or for inserting images anywhere on a PDF page.

Tool 11:- To signature or water mark into a PDF file

First draw your signature in Paint (or other photo editing tool) and save it as an image. Now open Adobe Reader and choose Tools – > Place Signature. Copy-paste that signature image anywhere on the PDF page. You can use the same technique to insert watermarks inside the PDF.

If you are on a Mac, open the PDF file inside the Preview app and choose Tools – Annotate – Signature – Create Signature from Facetime Camera. Sign your name in blank ink on a piece of white paper, hold the paper up to your webcam to scan the signature and you can then place it anywhere in the PDF.

This is all about free software tools

Online Editor:- Online PDF Editors for Basic Tasks

Tool 1:- PDFEscape.com

Sometimes you need to make minor changes to a PDF file. For instance, you may want to hide your personal phone number from a PDF file before uploading it online or may want to annotate a page with notes and freehand drawings.

You can perform such edits in a PDF easily with PDFEscape.com, an online PDF editor that is free and also lets you edit password-protected PDF documents in the browser.

With PDF Escape, you can hide* parts of a PDF file using the whiteout tool or add annotations with the help of custom shapes, arrows, text boxes and sticky notes. You can add hyperlinks to other PDF pages / web documents.

Tool 2:- PDFtoWord Converter

There are several online tools that can convert your PDFs. However, because it is easier to edit a PDF as a Word file without using the software tools mentioned above, use the PDFtoWord converter by Nitro PDF Software.

This is all about the free ways through which you can do some simple edits in your PDF files.

Now if you don’t get accurate results from above tools and interested to pay some money for wonderful editing.  You can buy Adobe Acrobat and then perform any task on it.

Steps to edit PDF file in Adobe Acrobat.

Purchase and install or open Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat is the primary tool used to create PDF files. If you already have it, simply open it. If you want to buy it, you should know that while it is a little pricey, it is very useful for editing PDFs as well as performing a wide variety of other useful tasks.

Open the file. Click on “File” and “Open” to locate the file.

Turn on the Advanced Editing tool. Click on “Tools,” then “Advanced Editing,” and then “Show Advanced Editing Toolbar” to do this. This will allow you to edit the PDF as effectively as possible.

Edit images in the PDF (optional). If you’d like to edit images in the PDF, click on the “Touch up Objects” tool on the right end of the Advanced Editing toolbar. Then click on the image and select “Edit image.”

This will open up the image in Photoshop or another image-editing program. This will also automatically update the image in Adobe Acrobat.

Edit the order of the pages of the PDF (optional). To do this, click on “View,” then “Navigation Panels,” and then “Pages.” Then, change the order of the pages by clicking on the thumbnail of the pages and then dragging them to a new location.

Edit the text in the PDF. Click on the “Touch up Text Editing” tool on the Advanced Editing toolbar. It’s the third option from the right. Then, click on the text and make any necessary changes, remembering to use the same font as the original text. Once you’ve finished editing the text and other aspects of the PDF, you will have completed editing your PDF file.

In this Article, we have discussed all possible ways to edit your PDF files. If you still need any assistance in editing PDF files we at PPCChamp will help you to learn in a more effective way.

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