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Digital Marketing strategy for Hospital and Healthcare

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Digital Marketing Strategies for Hospital Patient Acquisition –  Are you a doctor, hospital owner or healthcare marketing professional looking for marketing ideas, or ways to improve your online marketing strategies?

here you can learn how to start online marketing for hospital – almost 80% start their research at a search engine, such as Google online marketing strategies for getting your medical practice, clinic, hospital.

Now a days hospitals are finding that a focus on digital and online marketing strategies can help raise awareness and improve patient acquisition rates. Here are the most effective methods hospitals are using to make sure potential patients can easily find them online:

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Google ads for Doctors / hospitals

Two major changes are.. .

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1) Doctors Becoming Employees.

In response to changes in regulations, as a result of the Affordable Care Act of 2012, hospitals have been buying up physician practices at an accelerated rate. They are forming integrated systems so they are better able to coordinate care among physicians, hospitals and other parts of the healthcare delivery system. Doctors are becoming employees.

  •  21% of physicians in all specialties are employed by a hospital.
  • 14% are employed in a single or multi-specialty owned by a hospital.
  • 14% are employed by a privately owned single or multi-specialty clinic.
  • 9%  are employed as independent contractors or Locums.
  • The number of primary care physicians employed by hospitals increased from 10% in 2014 to 20% in 2015.

When doctors become employees, they lose their ability to be final decision makers when it comes to buying medical services and products. Instead, they are part of a purchasing process comprised of a number of people and, most likely, a group purchasing organization. Doctors still have a key role as advocates, but others now make the final purchasing decision.

2) Consumers Becoming Avid Researchers.

And if that’s not enough, here comes the Internet and today’s healthcare consumer. They are no longer content to blindly accept what a doctor tells them. They do their homework before visiting a doctor. They research their conditions and treatment options after visiting a doctor as well. They see healthcare as a collaboration between themselves and their doctors. They take responsibility for their health and the decisions that affect it. The doctor no longer has the only say on treatment, hospitals, medications, etc.

  • One in three American adults have gone online to figure out a medical condition.
  • 72% of Internet users say they looked online for health information within the past year.
  • 47% of Internet users search for information about doctors or other health professionals.
  • 38% of Internet users search for information about hospitals and other medical facilities.
  • The most commonly researched topics are specific diseases or conditions; treatments or procedures; and doctors or other health professionals.

According to Think with Google’s

  • 77% of patients use search engines prior to booking appointments.
  • Search drives nearly three times as many visitors to hospital sites, compared to visitors from other referral sites.
  • 44% of patients who research hospitals on a mobile device schedule an appointment.
  • Before the moment of conversion, patients typically search on symptoms and condition terms.

Digital Content is Key to the Decision Process.

Prior to booking an appointment:

  • 77% of patients used search.
  • 83% used hospital sites.
  • 54% used health insurance company sites.
  • 50% used health information sites.
  • 26% used consumer-generated reviews.

Healthcare marketers continue to adapt to the new reality brought about by the shift to payments based on outcomes, increasing transparency, and an empowered healthcare consumer. We’re seeing growth in marketing budgets over the lows of 2013. The largest increases are going to digital marketing tactics.

Could digital marketing help cure the health-care industry?

Before the recession, the revenue of Hospitals and healthcare centers were more than 7% but in last year it slid to 3.9%. The main reason behind this recession was falling admissions in the hospitals.

However, Digital marketing is no longer optional for those Doctors or Physicians as reaching and engaging today’s tech savvy patients is becoming more critical. Digital Marketing Bridge a gap between you and your Patients.

Generally patients follow two approaches for admission.

  • References
  • Online Search

Digital marketing strategy help to build a trust, these are some parameters which assist you to get more customers for your Hospital.

  • Patient’s Testimonials
  • Video Testimonials of Patients
  • Patient’s positive reviews

Digital Marketing strategy for Hospital/Health Care could be very effective if it is deploy wisely. From booking appointments, to online payments, patients expect features that help them save time and make decisions quickly.

For your hospital it means less crowding and reduced no-shows. Video consultation can help connect with patients who need help but do not have time to travel, and it can also help drive a first interaction that will lead to a visit. Advance file sharing by patients can help the hospital or clinic prepare for the visit by evaluating the information beforehand.

Take Fortis as an example, the reason behind the popularity of Fortis Hospital is the digital marketing strategy for Hospital/Healthcare. Fortis Healthcare, a leading, integrated pan Asia-Pacific healthcare delivery provider, has its presence in 11 countries. It has 647 video uploads on Youtube, 2420 followers on Twitter and 59,120 likes on its Facebook Page.

The hospital also boasts of a Facebook application through which a user can book an appointment with a doctor anywhere in India. On the occasion of Holi, it launched Fortis Balloon Pop challenge on its Facebook page and Twitter and also includes interesting cartoons depicting human body facts.

The hospital’s blog is a wonderful example of the hospital extensively markets its services and offers and reaches out to patients through Health Check Screening, Patients Education Series and Get an Appointment.

If you want to boost your Healthcare business then Digital Marketing Strategy for Hospital and Healthcare has 5 steps you can follow.

There are 5 approaches have been proven to be effective in acquiring new patients.

1) PPC

PPC can help you get noticed if your targeted area is very competitive. You can display your ad on Google for the keywords relevant to services you offer. A good ad tells searchers about your services, contact details, working hours, a special offer, and divert to your company website. If you do not have a company website, use Google Adwords Express.

2) Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, With an Emphasis on Services and Location

This can’t be emphasized enough: For most potential patients, the selection process starts with a search engine and a hospital’s website.

According to an in-depth research report from Google on how people research hospitals, some 77% of potential patients turn to a search engine and 76% look at an organization’s website — the most engagement, by far, with any marketing channels.

This means that search engine tactics — both optimization of your hospital site and investing in paid search ads — are vitally important.

The key, of course, is to devote your optimization time and ad spends on the right things. In particular, make sure that you’re paying attention to services and location.

Why services? Because the Google research found 45% of searchers are looking for procedure information (i.e., “chemotherapy”) or department information (i.e., “pediatrics”).

And why location? Because a survey conducted by Healthcare Success found consumers are more likely to choose a hospital based on convenient location (58%); than the amount of copay (45%) or even outcomes data (30%).

3)  Relevant Digital Content about Health Conditions

When it comes to content marketing, hospitals are in an enviable position — yet many don’t realize it.

Often organizations in other fields struggle to come up with content ideas which they’re knowledgeable about and that will resonate with their target customers. Hospitals don’t have this problem. They have people eager for very specific content (information about medical conditions) and in-house experts who can provide it (doctors, nurses, administrators, etc.).

The Google study mentioned earlier found 37% of health searchers are trying to learn more about conditions/diseases, and an additional segment is researching symptoms. This means hospitals have a huge opportunity to engage potential patients by providing this sort of content.

The format of this content isn’t the most important thing — it can presented in a blog post, article, video, or even info graphic — what’s essential is that’s truly well-informed and useful.

4) Social Media Marketing

Perhaps more than in any other field, the power of the testimonial is a key in health care, as patients and families researching diagnoses often turn to patients with similar experiences. Social media gives hospitals and clinics the chance to share patient stories and connect consumers. “Patients really want an outlet for telling their stories and social is such beautiful way for people to do that,” said Margaret Coughlin, senior VP-chief marketing and communications officer for Boston Children’s Hospital, which has a strong presence on Facebook.

Boston Children’s Hospital’s annual marketing budget has been flat at about $5 million for the past few years, said Ms. Coughlin. But its net patient services revenue grew from $1 billion in 2011 to $1.4 billion in 2012, according to annual reports. Ms. Coughlin said the hospital’s integrated marketing approach, which includes TV, print, digital, earned media, social and other types of direct marketing, contributed to the growth.

5) Online Interaction

The internet can be used to build brand loyalty by opening new lines of communication with patients, care givers and prospective patients. Hospital marketing staffs of the future may need to engage social media and online specialists who can help maintain an online presence and respond to consumer inquiries as they arise in the various online outlets.

6) A Responsive Website

According to the same Think with Google study, about one-third of patients use mobile devices or tablets on a daily basis for research and/or to book appointments. Physicians routinely use them in-office to help their patients learn about procedures and medications, as well as to instantly access information, no matter their location. With the ever-increasing rate of mobile web usage compared to desktop usage, healthcare organizations should consider the benefits of transitioning to a responsive website design.

Additionally, managing one, responsive, efficient site allows healthcare organizations to focus on developing a single, strong web strategy, which increases visibility, reach and conversions, while decreasing expenditures and effort.

Thus Digital Marketing is an efficient way and the only option to attract more patients towards your Hospital and Healthcare centers. If you are want to ask any questions or getting confuse in building your own Digital Marketing strategy for Hospital/Health Care, you may feel free to ask from us.

We would love to hear from you and provide you with our Digital Marketing consultancy to grow your business and conversions.

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