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online-marketing-towing-compainesGoogle Ads for Towing Truck Business  – Step by Step guideline

Google Adwords now Google Ads – Pay-per-click search marketing management for Towing Service that gets you in the top search positions at the lowest possible cost.

Towing companies face quite a few hurdles when trying to attract new clients. A major challenge is the fact that when someone needs towing service, she will likely run a Google search and simply call the first few companies that pop up.

Today, though, a stunning 97% of people look for local businesses online, 
and Google is the undisputed leader in online search.

So to maximize the number of clients you get, you need to make your way to that critical top spot.


How you Will Get First Positions on Google Search?

  1. PPC (Google Adwords / bing ads / yahoo Gemini ads)- Instant Results
  2. SEO – Organic Search engine Optimization – Free traffic
  3. Local Business Listing (Google Map listing)
  4. Facebook Marketing

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Need Vehicle Towing Service? – Call Roadside Assist

Best Vehicle Tow Service · Flat-bed Towing · On-site repairs · Get Assured! Fuel Assistance · Key Lock-Out/Lost Key · Flatbed Towing · Flat Tyre Assistance · 24×7 Service


 Google Ads Expert Services for Towing

if you really want to generate quality calls for towing business… I suggest you run Google calls ads, Google ads giving you daily business conversion calls.

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  1. Google Ads Account Optimization – $300 (one time – 7 day support) – Guaranteed results
  2. Google Ads Account Setup & Management – $500 (Monthly)

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Google Adwords (PPC) for Towing Companies

Online Marketing for Towing Companies – Competition is growing in Towing and it is more competitive than ever. Your potential customers now Google what they need, doing more research than ever. Are you successfully using Pay-Per-Click to stay ahead of your competition?

Best Keywords For Towing business:

If you use keywords like “24/7 roadside assistance,” “emergency towing services,” or “towing services near me,” this is the way to go.

  • + emergency +towing +truck
  • +emergency +towing +service
  • Towing service near me
  • Flatbed Towing
  • +emergency+towing+cityname.
  • +cityname+fl+emergency+towing.
  • +emergency+towing+near+me.
  • +emergency+towing+
  • On-site car repairs
  • Lock-Out/Lost Key service
  • Car Towing Services
  • Towing near me
  • towing truck near me
  • Flat Tyre Assistance
  • Towing Truck
  • towing 24 hours
  • cheapest tow truck near me
  • roadside assistance
  • roadside service
  • towing van
  • 24 hour towing service
  • 24×7 Service towing

AdWords for Towing: Are You Found Where They Are Searching?

Your prospects are using Google and Yahoo to find companies to work with. The Pay Per Click listings identify sponsors who offer the products and services they seek. So what should you do? AdWords for Towing .

Marketing has changed radically over the last five years. Unlike other forms of advertising, Pay Per Click Advertising allows interested prospects find you when they decide they need you.

Pay Per Click Places You Where Your Customers Look: Page 1

Recent studies have shown that most searchers are now looking at just the first page of search results on Google and Yahoo. Pay-Per-Click advertising allows you to feature your company on that first page with the keywords you want.

Fewer than 7% are looking at page two and beyond. They have less time to spend on search, and do not have the patience to dig through search results. Using PPC advertising to get your message in front of them is the key..

Your potential customers are overwhelmed with information and are busier than ever. They do not have time to dig deep through search results in the engines. They’ve learned how to use search and how to review pay-per-click ads more efficiently, Information seekers often look at natural listings, while buyers tend towards the Pay-Per-Click listings.

Pay-Per-Click Features You at the Top

With hundreds of thousands – or even millions – of competing pages in search marketing you need to be at the top to be seen – at a minimum, on the first three pages. With PPC advertising you appear ahead of established and new competitors with ease.

The engines allow you to bid your way to the top; whichever advertiser is willing to pay the most for a click will be listed first; the second highest will receive the second rank, and so on.

You can now jump ahead of millions of competing pages and you only pay when someone clicks.
With PPC advertising, pay-per-click lets you decide which keywords to be found for and what message should be shown in the search engine.

You only pay for the clicks and not for the impressions (the mere display of the listing).

Comparing PPC clicks to a prequalification step, it quickly becomes apparent that these prequalified clicks are more valuable and can be extremely cost efficient. Remember – people who search and click are your best prospects – they are searching for what you offer.

Pay Per Click Issues: Top Factors in PPC Campaigns

With more than 700,000 companies competing in pay-per-click advertising how can you compete effectively? Most companies simply try it and test, often spending $1,000 to $300,000, managed by one person in their office who lacks the tool-sets, knowledge and automation to truly maximize your advertising dollars.

Do you think your PPC bid management strategies are working? If you said “what strategies” you are in the right place. But seriously, most companies are scrambling to keep up, leaving most of the profits on the table.

Successful pay per click requires expert management. Every click costs you money, and every click must be accountable. Unless you are tracking and optimizing on a real time basis, you are literally clicking money down the drain.

Keep in mind, pay per click management is a daunting task for companies that do-it-themselves or look to a general agency to manage their campaigns. Consider this:

Pay Per Click Management: Is it for You?

Lets talk and see whether a managed pay per click campaign is right for you. Different companies have different needs and goals; we can help you evaluate your current campaigns and see if there is room for improvement.

Google My Business for Towing Companies

Google My Business pages are like miniature websites that appear in the “Map” section of Google local business results. They offer prospects a brief snapshot of the company and boost overall online presence.

You can even get a fast boost to your Google rankings, as it is much easier to rank highly with a Google My Business page than with a website.

Ensure that all sections of your Google My Business page are complete and accurate:

  • Verification: First, you must claim your page and undergo the Google verification process. When you see a checkmark and the word “Verified” next to your company name, this step is complete.
  • NAP: Make sure your business NAP (name, address, and phone number) is correct, and is identical across the internet. Make it clear that your business is local by selecting a local phone number rather than an 800 number.
  • Categories: Google My Business categories must list services instead of results. For example, you might choose Towing Service, along with any related services you provide. Try to list 3 to 5 categories.
  • Description: The description is a brief overview of your Towing company that ends with a call to action. Aim for 100 to 200 words in a format similar to: {Name of Company} offers quality {termite and rodent control, or similar} in {Your City}. {Provide some information about your company and/or why clients love you.} Call {Phone Number} today for a free inspection!
  • Hours: Your hours of operation must be up to date, and consistent across the internet. If your service hours are different from your office hours, note that in a separate paragraph.
  • Images: Images dramatically improve customer engagement, so add a few photos of your team in action (with permission!). Make sure your images have a sharp focus, are sized between 10KB and 5MB, and have a minimum resolution of 720px x 720px. We also recommend replacing the generic Google My Business background image with a branded image.

SEO for Towing Business:

Now you know why a comprehensive local SEO campaign is critical for driving prospects to your Towing company. Make your way through the steps in order, fully completing each one before beginning the next. Here is a quick recap of the 5 steps:

  1.    Keyword research
  2.    Keyword optimization
  3.    Citations and Links
  4.    Reviews
  5.    Tracking

Want Help with Google Ads – Online Marketing?

We specialize in helping Towing services companies attract more local customers through Google. If you’d like help with your PPC/SEO, contact us for a free quote.
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