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Top Best Flight Booking Companies 2017 | Best Air Ticketing Companies

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Top 10 Best Flight Booking Companies – Getting away for a little vacation shouldn’t have to be expensive. The internet’s supposed to make things easier when comparing flights.

There are tons of great sites to help you plan your next trip, whether it’s for business or pleasure, and compare flights, hotels, and train or bus tickets, all without breaking the bank.

Travel offers adventure, relaxation or access to vital business contacts, or even a combination of all three.  Now, you can plan your trip online, compare prices and book your travel plans with the help of internet. Here are Top Flight Booking Companies, based on their reviews.

Booking your vacation online isn’t completely risk free. Some dishonest companies create legitimate-looking websites with official-sounding names, but instead of booking your travel plans on your behalf, they take your money, leaving you out of pocket and without a reservation.

so, in order to help you to choose best site i have prepared the list of top flight booking companies.

List of Top Flight Booking Companies


Hipmunk was one of the first sites to make flight search easy and not a jumble of airport codes, check boxes, and difficult-to-sift-through results. They’ve come a long way too, incorporating hotels, then helping you find hotel deals close to your other travel plans, and even adding fare alerts so you don’t miss a price drop.

The site is remarkably easy to use, and also has filter in addition to prices and departure dates and times—that way you’ll know whether your experience on a specific flight will be torturous or easy-going, whether you’ll likely be on a tough, long-haul flight with long layovers and gate changes, or you’ll cruise on a non-stop without hassle.

You can sort by cost, of course, compare flights against one another and see when they leave and how long your travel time will be on a handy graph, see layover times and durations on the same graph, and more.Once you’ve booked your flight, you can also book rental cars or hotel rooms as well.


Priceline is a well-known online travel site that focuses on all aspects of your vacation – not only on flights or hotels. Priceline lets you book cruise vacations, too. Its website is easy to navigate, and you have several options to find great deals for flights or hotels using the Name Your Price tool.

Another option is that Priceline can pick a flight or hotel for you. With this last feature, you are shown the details of your vacation after you have made and paid for your reservations. If you prefer to be in the driver’s seat over your vacation planning, Priceline offers competitive rates and transparent policies.


The site is particularly well with domestic US travel, unearthing a cheap New York to LA direct flight. Fortunately, Expedia site is good in making it dead simple to filter important details. Nearby airports lurk in pop-up menus, and checkboxes are crammed into a smallish space for choosing favorite airlines and departure times.

It also saves all of your searches in a ‘scratchpad’, whether you’re logged in or not. Just the ticket if you chance upon an amazing price, does further searches, and later need to dig out the bargain.

While you browse, the site annoyingly insists on telling you how many people are looking at and booking similar flights, as if you care in the slightest.


Travelocity is a good choice for online travel reservations. It allows you to mix and match options so you are not locked into a traditional flight+car+hotel vacation package.

Instead you can book a flight and a hotel, a flight and car rental, or a hotel and car. Travelocity maintains partnerships with hotels, airlines and cruise lines all over the world to help you plan a detailed vacation.


Orbitz works directly with airlines to help you quickly find the type of flight you are looking for. It has several filters so you can narrow your search by number of stops, departure and arrival times, and flight class.

The Flexible Date search looks for tickets within three days before or after your preferred date, which may give you even better rates for your flight.

Each flight listing gives a full itinerary with transfer locations, time, terminal and length of your layover. Orbitz is upfront about everything – a rarity in an industry known for obscuring important details.


AirGorilla is one of the oldest online travel sites and, while its homepage has some cosmetic issues, it also has an abundance of reservation help, especially for international travelers. You can find accommodations for bed and breakfasts. You can also reserve airport parking spots or rent a cell phone or GPS unit.

It partners with other sites so you can book international rail tickets or reserve adventures, such as safaris and tickets, for other attractions.


CheapOair has plenty of tools to help you book your flights, hotels and car rentals for both domestic and international travel. You can also use the Flexible Dates feature to find cheaper airfare or accommodations.

Within the Traveler Tools section on its website, you can request special accommodations if you are traveling with someone who is disabled. Its mobile app is one of the easiest to use and lists additional discounts and travel alerts. CheapOair, however, charges hefty fees, especially if you cancel your plans.


Skyscanner is another flight search engine that’s simple to use, searches for flights as well as hotels and rental cars, and tries to make sure you get the most affordable prices no matter where you’re flying, domestic or abroad.

It’s a bit more simplistic than some of the others in the roundup, but if you want to see what the lowest possible fares are, it’s a great resource to help you search for them.

Best of all, the site makes it easy to find ticket combinations that are otherwise difficult to search for or tricky to sort out on your own, and you can see whether a unique combination of airlines and transfers will save you a substantial amount of money

All of the above discussed Top Flight Booking Companies can help you quickly and easily book airfare, hotel accommodations, or both. The most important thing to note down for with an online travel service,is its policies.

Be sure you understand its cancellation and refund policies as well as any additional fees you may be charged by the service prior to making your reservation.

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