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SEO Link Removal and Google Penalty Recovery Services in India

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SEO Link Removal and Google Penalty Recovery – A Google manual spam action or penalty can be very stressful and may have a serious impact on the business operating the penalised website. Our expertise and experience can deliver a full recovery as early as possible.

Most Google penalties are imposed for “unnatural links” pointing at your website – but you have little or no control over who builds links to your website so penalties can seem very unfair. It is possible that third party, such as an SEO agency – or even a hostile competitor – was responsible for building harmful links to your website – and you may have had no idea what they were doing. Google keeps changing its guidelines, so it’s possible that your bad links were considered good links when they were built.

We feel your pain – and we will help you to make a recovery. We have helped many websites recover and we have a proven approach with a range of tools and manual techniques to protect the harmless and indeed the valuable links that exist within your link profile.

Our ten-step link penalty recovery service is tailored to your unique circumstances and typically includes:

  1. Diagnosis of the type and scale of the Google penalty
  2. Link audit
  3. Risk assessment
  4. Prioritising harmful links
  5. Whitelisting and greylisting good or neutral links
  6. Recovery plan
  7. Link removal campaign
  8. Disavow links
  9. Reconsideration request
  10. Ongoing monitoring and risk management

We can also help you to gain healthy, natural links in order to re-balance your link profile and dramatically reduce the risk of future penalties from Google and Bing.

Ongoing link monitoring and penalty risk management

Google is imposing more penalties as the search engine’s rules grow stricter. At the same time, hostile SEO campaigns grow increasingly common and can be difficult to detect and manage. Hostile SEO campaigns are designed to harm an innocent website’s rankings, typically by building harmful and unnatural links.

Recovering from a penalty with minimum damage is difficult and can take time. So it is increasingly important to monitor and manage your website’s link profile – whether or not you have had a Google penalty in the past. Prevention is much better than cure because it can take some time to recover and the tendency is to sacrifice links that may have some value in order to be sure of a recovery.

We can monitor your link profile, alert you to harmful links and take action against them before a penalty is even issued – so you never have to worry about a Google penalty again.

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