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10 Best Landing Page Builder Tools

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Are you unable to convert leads into customers despite all possible efforts on your part? If you replied with a ‘yes’ to this question, odds are high that your website’s landing pages aren’t as effective and appealing as they should ideally be. Maybe it’s high time that you considered other Landing Page Builder Tools that will increase the sales of your products and services manifold.

In this post, we will take a good look at the best landing page builder tools available — both free and paid — that will take your website to new heights.


What is a Landing Page?

Before jumping on to the top landing page builder tools, let’s first take a look at what exactly is a landing page and why brands depend so heavily on them for better conversions.

A landing page is a web page at which a user arrives after clicking on an online ad, marketing email, search results or other digital marketing campaigns. These landing pages are created with the intent of pushing users to buy products and services.

Why are Landing Pages important?

There are a number of reasons why landing pages are so popular among digital marketers:

  • Landing pages are way better at generating leads than a normal web page.
  • Targets only the people that are interested in that particular product and service.
  • Landing pages provide better, well-detailed information about a product or service and pushes the user to take an action- such as purchasing, calling or contacting customer support.
  • Helps in better and faster brand development.

10 Best Landing Page Builder Tools

Now, since you have a fair idea as to the purposes of an efficient landing page, let’s straightaway delve into the best landing page tools that will fetch your more customers and eventually higher profit.

#1 InstaPage

Instapage lives up to its name as you can almost instantly create web pages with it. Through its Instablock feature, the platform ensures that you can create your desired landing pages with simple drag and drop, without putting in even a single line of code. Furthermore, they also offer a range of solutions designed specifically for Google ads and social media ads.

Plans and Pricing

Instapage offers 2 plans for its customers:

  • Optimizing plan: $199/month (For access to all features required to create and optimize landing pages)
  • Custom plan: Unlimited access to all features, pricing depends on your specific needs

Pros and Cons

+ Built-in AMP support
+ Over 200 customizable templates
+ Simple drag and drop

– AMP available only for customized plan members
– No kind of Pop-up options available

#2 Clickfunnels

If you are an entrepreneur in the lead generation, coaching or information industry, then Clickfunnels should be the go-to choice for your landing page builder tool. Create amazing click funnels without relying on a dedicated technical team, says the company.

Plans and Pricing

The platform provides options to choose from any of the three plans:

  • Clickfunnels: $97/month
  • Clickfunnels Platinum: $297/month
  • Two Comma Club X: $2,497/month

Pros and Cons

+ Ideal choice for beginners
+ Loaded with many pre-built funnels
+ Highly efficient landing pages

– Fewer customization options as compared to other similar players
– The most advanced plan is quite expensive

#3 Hubspot

Of course, Hubspot needs no introduction. The platform offers a landing page builder tool alongside other integral tools such as emails, forms, live chat and blogging. Notably, Hubspot’s landing page can be connected with Hubspot’s CRM, allowing you to make the best of the complete set of tools offered by the company.

Plans and Pricing

Hubspot, too, offers its plans in three models, besides the free plan:

  • Starter – $50/month
  • Professional – $890/month
  • Enterprise – $3,200/month

Pros and Cons

+ Mobile phone optimized landing pages
+ Easy integration with other Hubspot tools
+ Highly customizable

– Doesn’t support AMP
– The price keeps on getting considerably higher with advanced plans

#4 Unbounce

If ‘conversion’ is something that you crave day in and day out, Unbounce is there to help. As you may have already guessed from the name, the software prevents visitors from ‘bouncing’, through quality, effective and enticing landing pages. Unbounce deploys more opportunities for visitors to take an action, such as sticky navbars and popups. Interestingly, reputed names like New York Times, New Balance and Vimeo often entrust Unbounce with the duty to bring more conversions!

Plans and Pricing

Unbounce offers its services in 4 plans, which you can choose depending on your requirements and the size of your organization:

  • Launch: $80/month (for small businesses that are just starting out)
  • Optimize: $120/month (optimize landing pages for higher conversion)
  • Accelerate: $200/month (quick-loading AMP pages)
  • Scale: $300/month (get more bandwidth)

Pros and Cons

+ Over 130 AI-powered templates
+ Support AMP
+ Simple Drag and Drop

– Expensive advanced plans
– Integrations and re-directions available in upper-tier plans only

#5 Leadpages

Leadpages is one of the most affordable landing page builder software out there, at least for the basic services that other players charge heavily for. Although Leadpages will charge high for features such as A/B testing and Integrations, the price will still be lower than what similar players ask for.

Plans and Pricing

You can enjoy Leadpages services in 3 plans, namely:

  • Standard: $27/month
  • Pro: $59/month
  • Advanced: $239/month

Pros and Cons

+ More than 150 templates
+ Built-in on page payments
+ Pop-up boxes and alert bars

– Limited customer support channels in lower tier plans
– Enterprise-grade customization and personalization missing

#6 Elementor

Elementor is very popular among webmasters which have their sites running on wordpress. In fact, stats suggest that roughly 33% of the entire internet is running on wordpress. As a result, 3 million+ people have trusted Elementor for the design and development of their ambitious landing pages.

Plans and Pricing

For individuals, Elementor offers its services in 4 plans, with features increasing considerably with each up-gradation:

  • Free – Basic websites (30 templates)
  • Essential – $49/year (1 pro website)
  • Advanced – $99/year (3 pro websites)
  • Expert – $199/year (25 pro websites)

Pros and Cons

+ Made exclusively for wordpress
+ Easy drag and drop

– Reliance on many 3rd parties for add-ons

#7 Wix

Chances are high that you are already aware of this brand name, because Wix has so far helped more than 125 million people launch their websites. Since they are a website building platform and not a mainstream landing page building business, their options are basic and limited, in the form of “Coming Soon”, “Under Maintenance” and lead capturing.

Pros and Cons

+ Over 25 templates to choose from
+ Easy to set up

– Wix is a website design and development firm and not a commercial landing page company, hence less options
– Limited bandwidth/storage with basic plans

#8 GetResponse

If you have ever liked using a multi-utility sales and marketing tool such as Hubspot, odds are high that you will enjoy using GetResponse too. Its landing pages are super easy to design and launch!

Plans and Pricing

You can choose any of the 4 plans offered by GetResponse, depending on the number of benefits you want to experience:

  • Basic – $15/month
  • Plus – $49/month
  • Professional – $99/month
  • Max – Custom pricing

Pros and Cons

+ A/B Testing
+ Enjoy access to 5000+ shutterstock images for your landing page
+ Countdown timer for better conversions

– You can’t opt for only the landing pages, your subscription will include a suite of other sales tools
– Expensive at upper-tier plans

#9 MailChimp

You may already be aware of MailChimp as an email marketing service provider.  However, you may be surprised to know that the company also offers a landing page builder software, which is one of the top choices among small-scale businesses. The reason why MailChimp is placed so low on our list is the fact that it doesn’t provide some of the features of a complete landing page tool.

Plans and Pricing

The landing pages can be created with the free plan as well, besides the following three paid plans offering a suite of services:

  • Essentials: INR 770/month
  • Standard: INR 1150/month
  • Premium: INR 23,000/month

Pros and Cons

+ Connect your landing page with a MailChimp campaign
+ Simple drag and drop
+ Affordable pricing

– Features offered by other competitors missing
– Not highly customizable

#10 Wishpond

Wishpond believes that not all customers are willing to launch their own landing pages, partly because of the technical part involved and partly due to the lack of sales and marketing expertise among small/new companies. Addressing this issue, Wishpond provides you the additional option of create and launching the landing pages on your behalf. They have a dedicated team which will take care of all your needs!

Plans and Pricing

Like many other players, Wishpond, too, offers its services in 3 plans:

  • Starting Out – $49/month
  • Everything You Need – $99/month
  • Rapid Growth – $199/month

Pros and Cons

+ Dedicated teams of designers and copywriters who will do the job for you
+ Integration with 250+ services

– Custom Java Script and A/B Testing not available with all plans
– The ‘Starting Out’ plan is limited to 1000 leads

The Bottom Line

So there you have it, folks! We have taken many factors into consideration before selecting these 10 landing page building software and tools for you out of 40 such service providers. One thing that you must keep in mind before picking up any landing page building tool is that you do not end up overpaying. Many companies devise their advanced plans in such a way that customers end up paying too high, when there was, in the first place, no requirement for most of the things offered under the plan.

If you like all your things connected, you can go for multi-utility platforms such as Hubspot and GetResponse. While, on the other hand, if you want to go for standalone landing page services Instapage, Wishpond and Leadpages may serve you better.

Digital Surjeet wishes you good luck for your ambitious ventures!

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