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How to Create a French Google Ads Campaign for Flight Booking

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French Google Ads Campaign for Flight Booking – To create a successful French Google Ads campaign for flight bookings, you need to use relevant keywords, set up negative keywords, implement effective call generation strategies, and target popular French-speaking airlines and their destinations.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a French Google Ads Campaign

  1. Set Up Your Campaign:
    • Log in to your Google Ads account.
    • Click on “+ New Campaign.”
    • Select the campaign goal (e.g., “Sales” or “Leads”).
    • Choose the campaign type (e.g., “Search” or “Display”).
    • Set your campaign settings, such as location targeting (e.g., the USA or specific French-speaking regions) and language targeting (French).
  2. Create Ad Groups:
    • Organize your campaign into ad groups based on different destinations, types of flights (e.g., domestic vs. international), or customer segments.
  3. Keyword Research:
    • Use the Google Keyword Planner tool to find relevant French keywords.
    • Focus on high-conversion keywords that are specific to flight bookings.

Top Conversion French Flight Booking Keywords

  1. vols pas chers pour [Destination]
  2. meilleures offres de vols
  3. réserver des vols en ligne
  4. offres de dernière minute
  5. billets d’avion économiques
  6. vols pour [Destination]
  7. vols internationaux pas chers
  8. vols domestiques [Ville]
  9. vols aller-retour pour [Destination]
  10. vols directs pour [Destination]

Negative Keywords List

  1. gratuit
  2. statut du vol
  3. suivi de vol
  4. école de pilotage
  5. simulateur de vol
  6. emplois dans les compagnies aériennes
  7. hôtesse de l’air
  8. formation de pilote
  9. miles de fidélité
  10. plaintes des compagnies aériennes

Best Call Generation Strategies for French Airlines Calls

  1. Call Extensions:
    • Add call extensions to your ads to allow users to call directly from the ad. Use a call-to-action like “Appelez maintenant pour réserver” (Call now to book).
  2. Ad Scheduling:
    • Schedule your ads to run during business hours when your customer service team is available to handle calls.
  3. Localized Ads:
    • Create ads that target specific regions and include local contact numbers. For example, “Réservez votre vol pour Paris en appelant le [Numéro de Téléphone]” (Book your flight to Paris by calling [Phone Number]).
  4. Click-to-Call Ads:
    • Use click-to-call functionality for mobile ads, allowing users to call directly from their smartphones.
  5. Offer Promotions:
    • Highlight special deals or discounts for customers who book via phone. Use phrases like “Réductions exclusives par téléphone” (Exclusive discounts by calling).

Top USA French Airlines and Their Destinations

  1. Air France
    • Destinations: Paris, Nice, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux
  2. Delta Air Lines (Partnership with Air France)
    • Destinations: Paris, Nice, Lyon, Toulouse, Marseille
  3. United Airlines
    • Destinations: Paris, Nice
  4. American Airlines
    • Destinations: Paris
  5. JetBlue (Partnership with Air France)
    • Destinations: Paris

Examples of Campaign Ads Copy

Ad Example 1: Cheap Flights

Title: Vols pas chers pour [Destination] | Réservez Maintenant et Économisez !
Description: Trouvez les meilleures offres de vols pour [Destination]. Réservez maintenant et économisez gros ! Offres à durée limitée. Appelez aujourd'hui.
Call to Action: Réservez Maintenant


Ad Example 2: Last Minute Deals

Title: Offres de Dernière Minute | Économisez sur les Billets d'Avion
Description: Besoin de voler bientôt ? Découvrez les offres de dernière minute sur les billets d'avion. Réservez votre place maintenant ! Disponibilité limitée.
Call to Action: Trouvez des Offres


Ad Example 3: Direct Flights

Title: Vols Directs pour [Destination] | Réservez Directement et Économisez
Description: Profitez de vols directs pour [Destination] avec nos offres exclusives. Réservez des vols directs et économisez temps et argent. Appelez pour réserver.
Call to Action: Réservez Directement


Ad Example 4: Call Now for Discounts

Title: Réductions Spéciales sur les Vols | Appelez Maintenant
Description: Réductions exclusives sur les vols en réservant par téléphone. Appelez maintenant pour obtenir les meilleures offres sur les vols pour [Destination].
Call to Action: Appelez Maintenant


Creating an effective French Google Ads campaign for your flight booking business involves thorough keyword research, strategic use of negative keywords, targeted call generation strategies, and focusing on popular French-speaking airlines and their destinations. By following these steps and optimizing your ad copy, you can attract more French-speaking customers and increase your bookings.

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