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How do I fix a Disapproved Bing Ads?

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“Disapproved Ads.” Two of the most hated words in online advertising. Although you may not be able to avoid disapproved content entirely, the tips in this blog post may enable you to make some improvements in your online content that you hadn’t considered.


The most common disapproval in the trademark category is advertisers using competitor brand terms in ad copy. In the US and Canada Microsoft adCenter does not investigate escalations of competitor brand terms used as keywords but does review cases of their usage in ad copy. To avoid disapprovals for trademark content when bidding on competitor keywords, ensure that your ad copy does not use dynamic keyword insertion.

As part of the editorial review process, your ads and keywords are reviewed to ensure that they meet theBing Ads Editorial Guidelines. Keywords and ads that don’t pass the review process receive eitherDisapproved or Approved Limited status.

Determine the specific reason for the Disapproved or Approved Limited status

  1. Go to the Campaigns page.
  2. Click the Ads tab or the Keywords tab. The delivery status of your ads or keywords can be found in the Delivery column. (You can sort the Delivery column to more easily find the Disapproved orApproved Limited items by clicking the Delivery column header.)
  3. Click the three dots next to the status in the Delivery column to see the ad or keyword’s disapproved terms and the reasons for the disapprovals.
  4. If the status is Approved Limited, you will also see the specific market(s) in which the ad or keyword is disapproved. This ad or keyword is not functional in the listed market(s), but it is functional in all other targeted locations. For more information on Approved Limited, see What does Approved Limited status mean?

When an ad or keyword has been Disapproved or Approved Limited after editorial review, Bing Ads sends you an email to let you know. If you received this email, but didn’t find anyDisapproved or Approved Limited ads or keywords after following these steps, one of two things may have happened:

  • Your ad or keyword may have been pending review in one or more of your targeted locations (Approved Limited status), and by the time you followed these steps, it was approved.
  • The Bing Ads team regularly performs spot checks on its editorial rejections, and occasionally overturns rejections. Your ad or keyword may have been Disapproved at first, but then was approved after being spot checked.

In order to make your editorial experience as smooth as possible, first familiarize yourself with the guidelines and then take these best practices into consideration when creating ads:

1. Ask yourself, “Is what I’m advertising allowed?” If you’re not sure, refer to the guidelines to confirm that it is not included in under the disallowed content section. Even if what you’re advertising is legal, it could be disallowed by our guidelines for another reason.

2. Make sure there’s a relevant connection between your ads, keywords and landing pages.

a. Only bid on keywords that are relevant to the landing page.

b. Make sure your ads clearly describe the web site offering.

c. Make sure your landing page is full of useful content and is easy to navigate.

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