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Hotel Booking PPC Keywords List

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Hotel Booking PPC / Adwords Keywords List – here you can find top conversion Hotel business booking keywords list – you can use these keywords for your Hotel Adwords campaign to get best hotel booking leads generations.


Pay-per-click ads, otherwise known as PPC or Sponsored Ads, is a type of Internet Advertising that can be placed on search engines, advertising networks, and blogs. For purposes of this article we will only focus on PPC ads hosted on Google.

PPC ads appear on the top and right hand side of the search engine results pages of Google based on a specific Keyword query. Below is an example of a Google results page for the search query ‘New England Hotel – Meetings’.

You choose the keywords you would like your ad to be displayed for and incorporate them in your ad copy. Google determines how often and on what page your ad will appear depending on your daily budget and quality score. You only pay when a user clicks on your ad.

Appear for more Keywords
If your hotel website has a good position in the natural search you can still benefit from a PPC campaign. You may be ranking high in some keywords but be falling behind in others. Develop ads around the keywords that you would like to rank higher for.

Keywords Research:

Setting up and maintaining strong, high performing AdWords campaigns takes time, budget and expertise. But without keyword research both at the beginning of the project and continually throughout, you will never get the best possible return on your investment.

Here’s what you need to know about keyword research at the different stages in your AdWords project and why it’s so critical to success.

Bid for Keywords
When you run a bid-based campaign you compete with others by bidding on keywords. You bid on the cost-per-click (CPC), which is the amount you are willing to pay when someone clicks on your ad. A higher bid can increase your chances of having your ad displayed in a top position, however Google also considers your quality score.

Top best Reservations Hotel Keywords:

  • Book Cheap Hotels
  • Book a hotel online
  • hotel booking online
  • luxury hotel booking
  • cheap hotel
  • Book Hotel in Dubai
  • Book Hotel in Mumbai
  • Book Hotels in Pune
  • Book Hotel in Jaipur
  • Book Hotels in Shimla
  • Book My Hotel Room
  • Hotel Book Online
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Make My Trip Hotel Booking
  • Jaipur Hotel Booking
  • Goibibo Hotel Booking
  • Irctc Hotel Booking
  • Oyo Rooms
  • Online Hotel Booking Sites
  • Hotel Booking App
  • Hotel Booking in Kolkata
  • Cleartrip Hotel Booking Offers
  • Makemytrip Hotel Booking Offer
  • Online Hotel Booking Offers
  • Paytm Hotel Booking Offer
  • Hotel Booking Offers India
  • Hotel Booking Offers Goa
  • Hotel Booking Offers Goibibo
  • Hotel Booking Coupon Code
  • Hotel Booking Sites in India
  • Best Hotel Booking Site India
  • Expedia Hotel Booking India
  • Last Minute Hotel Booking India
  • Hotel Booking India Online
  • Domestic Hotel Booking
  • Indian Hotels
  • International Hotel Reservations Online
  • Online Hotel Booking
  • Hotels around Me
  • Find Hotels
  • Hotels in UK
  • Book a Hotel Room
  • Book a Hotel in Goa
  • Book a Hotel for Me
  • Book a Hotel in Hyderabad
  • Online Hotel Booking Manali
  • Online Hotel Booking Sites
  • Online Hotel Booking at Puri
  • Online Hotel Booking in Bhubaneswar
  • Oyo Rooms
  • Hotel Booking in India
  • Online Room Booking
  • Oyo Online Hotel Booking
  • Five Star Hotel in India
  • Five Star Hotel London
  • Five Star Luxury Hotels
  • Cheap Hotel Booking
  • 5 stars Hotel
  • Five Star Hotels in Bangalore
  • Five Star Hotels Philadelphia
  • Five Star Hotels in Chennai
  • Last Minute Hotel Deals
  • Orbitz Hotels Deals
  • Trivago Hotel Deals
  • Dubai Hotel Deals
  • Delhi Hotel Deals
  • Goa Hotel Deals
  • Hotel Deals in Mumbai
  • Hotel Deals in Pune
  • Hotels Near Mumbai Domestic Airport
  • Hotels Near Bangalore Airport
  • Hotels Near Mumbai Airport
  • Hotels Near Ahmedabad Airport
  • Hotels Near Kolkata Airport
  • Hotels Near Hyderabad Airport
  • Hotels Near Delhi Airport
  • Hotels Near Goa Airport
  • Hotels Near Airport Kolkata
  • Hotels Near Airport Mumbai
  • Hotels Near Airport Chennai
  • Hotels Near Airport Goa
  • Hotels Near Airport Hyderabad
  • Hotel Near Airport Ahmedabad
  • Bangalore Hotels Near Airport
  • Pune Hotels Near Airport
  • Hotels in Dubai 5 Star
  • Book Hotel in Dubai
  • Best Hotels in Dubai
  • 7 Star Hotel in Dubai
  • Budget Hotels in Dubai
  • 3 Star Hotels in Dubai
  • Seven Star Hotel in Dubai
  • Dubai Hotel Price
  • Cheapest Hotel in Goa
  • Beach Hotels in Goa
  • Goa Hotel Booking Rates
  • Beach Resorts in Goa
  • Grand Hyatt Goa
  • Holiday Inn Goa
  • Oyo Rooms Goa
  • Hotels in Goa Near Beach
  • Cheap Hotels in Mumbai
  • Cheap Hotels in Dubai
  • Cheap Hotels in Jaipur
  • Cheap Hotels in Delhi
  • Cheap Hotels in Chennai
  • Cheap Hotels in London
  • Cheap Hotels in Pune
  • Cheap Hotels in Goa
  • Luxury Hotels in Agra
  • Luxury Hotels in Delhi
  • Luxury Hotels in Mumbai
  • Luxury Hotels in Chennai
  • Luxury Hotel Room
  • Luxury Hotels in Mahabaleshwar
  • Best Hotels in the World
  • Top Hotels of the World
  • Cheap Hotels with WiFi
  • How to Access Hotel WiFi
  • Hotels with WiFi in Chicago
  • Hotels with WiFi in Atlanta
  • Hotels with WiFi in Austin
  • Hotels with WiFi in Boston
  • Hotels with WiFi in Charlotte
  • Hotels with WiFi in Denver
  • Puri Hotel with Swimming Pool
  • Digha Hotel with Swimming Pool
  • Yercaud Hotels with Swimming Pool
  • Matheran Hotels with Swimming Pool
  • Nainital Hotels with Swimming Pool
  • Mandarmani Hotel with Swimming Pool
  • Fairbanks Hotels with Swimming Pool
  • Local Hotels with Indoor Pools
  • Cheap Flights with Hotel Included
  • Cheap Flight Plus Hotel Packages
  • Cheap Flights with Hotels
  • Cheap Flight Hotel Package
  • Hotels & Flight Packages
  • Aruba Packages with Flight Hotel
  • Flight and Hotel Combo Deals
  • Allegiant Flights with Hotel
  • Cheap Hotels in India
  • Flights and Hotels Packages
  • Book Hotels in India
  • Luxury Hotels in India
  • Marriott Hotels in India
  • 5 Star Hotels in India
  • 7 Star Hotels in India
  • Hotels in India New Delhi

Use a mix of short-tail and long-tail words
When selecting your keywords it is important to use both short-tail and long-tail words. Short-tail keywords are broad terms that people may search on initially i.e. ‘Hotels in New Hampshire’.  However these keywords are usually competitive and can be expensive. Long-tail keywords refer to keywords that are targeted to a more specific audience i.e. ‘Hotels at Bretton Woods Ski Resort with Spa’. These phrases may have less search volume but a better conversion rate.

• Group Similar Keywords
Group your keywords based on your services. For example, if you have a keyword list for ‘activities’ you can group together keywords related to ‘ski-resorts’ ‘golf’ ‘cross-country skiing’ etc. Then you can use these keywords when you create your adgroups.

• List Negative Keywords
Negative keywords are related words that you don’t want your ad to show up for. For example if you are a hotel and one of your keywords is “wedding” you don’t want your ad to show up when someone searches on “wedding dresses” so you would put a negative in front of it “- wedding dresses”.

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