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Best Practices to Avoid Bing Ads Disapprovals

As a new online advertiser or even an online advertising veteran, the best way to avoid editorial disapprovals is to make sure you’re familiar with the Microsoft adCenter online advertising guidelines. These guidelines are put in place to provide a high quality search experience for users and publishers and maintain a fair marketplace for advertisers.   Continue reading

How do I challenge a Bing ads disapproval?

Disapprovals can occur when you create an ad or keyword, or during the editorial review process of the ad or keyword. For more information about disapprovals, see How do I fix a Disapproved or Approved Limited status?

If, after reviewing the Bing Ads policies, you believe that your ad or keyword shouldn’t have been disapproved, you can request an exception. In the request, tell us why you believe the ad or keyword meets the policies and should not have been disapproved, or why the policy in question doesn’t apply. We’ll review the ad or keyword again to ensure the right decision is made. When you submit the request, the delivery status for the ad or keyword is set to Exception under review. Continue reading

How do I add my credit card or other payment method?

Different payment methods are available, depending on your currency, billing country, and type of account (postpay threshold account or prepay account). For postpay threshold and prepay accounts, you first need to add a payment method. Then, for your ads to run you need to do one of the following: Continue reading

How do I pay for Bing Ads?

Bing Ads no longer accepts prepaid cards in any currency. See the list of countries and currencies below to find out which payment methods you can use.

We accept many different forms of payment (payment methods), but the ones you can use depend on your account settings: Continue reading

How to get bing Ads Coupon?

A coupon, sometimes called a promotion code or free credit, gives new customers a way to try out Bing Ads. Although you can’t request coupons, you can find them through Bing Ads promotional events, online marketing drives, or other special offers.

After you add a coupon code, it can take up to 10 minutes before the coupon balance is added to your account and appears on the Billing tab.

Continue reading

How to secure an e-commerce website?

How to secure an e-commerce website? – If you run a business online yourself, or you have a client who does, you’ll know that ecommerce sites are a major target for hackers and fraudsters. Just think about the thousands of credit card details and other personal information a typical ecommerce site stores. That’s what makes these sites, big and small, so attractive to criminals.

Future of Online Shopping in India

Before embarking on an ecommerce project, you need to ensure that all the necessary systems are in place to cover up any holes in your security. Continue reading

How do I fix a Disapproved Bing Ads?

“Disapproved Ads.” Two of the most hated words in online advertising. Although you may not be able to avoid disapproved content entirely, the tips in this blog post may enable you to make some improvements in your online content that you hadn’t considered. Continue reading