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Baidu SEO Expert & Consultant – Baidu is china #1 search engine and world second search engine. Baidu is a Chinese website and search engine that enables individuals to obtain information and find what they need.


We do provide Baidu SEO Services. Baidu SEO Audit; Chinese Keywords Analysis & Selection; Online Competitor SEO Analysis; Onsite Baidu Search Engine Optimisation with affordable pricing.

It is the largest internet company in China and one of the biggest in the world. Since Google is banned in mainland China, most Chinese people use Baidu as their chosen search engine.

Baidu had 1.1 billion mobile users. Its DuerOS voice assistant generated 2.37 billion voice queries per month! and Baidu users can access news, maps, government searches, internet TV, anti-virus products, and more!

Baidu SEO Ranking fectors:
  1. SPEAK THE RIGHT LANGUAGE. Short URLs written in Pinyin (a Romanized version of Chinese) are best, but for the website’s actual content, Baidu overwhelmingly favors Simplified Chinese. …

About Baidu Search:

Baidu Search engine optimization services from SEO Experts are aimed towards increasing the visibility of your web content. As a search engine optimization company, we specialize in all kinds of web content.

It could be data, text, images, videos, or even sound. We will deliver exactly what you need through our various SEO search engine optimization services packages.

  • We deliver amazing results and only use industry standard practices. Long-term results and solid growth are our core aims. We will give you the best results using the best tools and resources that are available out there on the market right now.
  • You won’t need to worry about a single thing if you outsource your SEO needs to use. Professional SEO from industry experts and specialists means you will get an amazing service at an affordable rate while allowing yourself to focus on something else, like the core business strategy or policy you have.
  • Whether looking for local search engine optimization service or targeting the global audience, we can do it all with custom search engine optimization SEO services.

we do our best to rank your keywords and home page on first rank on Baidu Search Results.


  • WEBSITE AUDITWe analyze your website to look for the best solution for your SEO on Baidu and find out what is your place in the market.
  • LANDING PAGES OPTIMIZATIONHelp improve the visibility of your website with solution developed for Baidu and the Chinese netizens browsing habits.
  • KEYWORK RESEARCH & RANKINGWe help you rank first on your mains keywords & find new one that have a high potential.
  • BACKLINKSWe take care of finding and choosing the right backlinks for your SEO.

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