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Baidu PPC Expert and Consultant

Baidu PPC Expert and Consultant

Baidu is the NO #1 Search Engine in China and its dominant player in the search engine market in China, if you really want to show your ads on first rank on Baidu Search Engine you may contact asap. I have been working with Baidu PPC ads from many years and handling 100+ ads account.


I can provide services:

  1. Market Research / Strategy
  2. Baidu Ads Account Setup
  3. Keyword research
  4. Negative keywords
  5. Ads Copy creations
  6. Target Audience
  7. Reporting

whatsapp 9915337448 for more details

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Baidu SEO Expert & Consultant

Baidu SEO Expert & Consultant – Baidu is china #1 search engine and world second search engine. Baidu is a Chinese website and search engine that enables individuals to obtain information and find what they need.


We do provide Baidu SEO Services. Baidu SEO Audit; Chinese Keywords Analysis & Selection; Online Competitor SEO Analysis; Onsite Baidu Search Engine Optimisation with affordable pricing. Continue reading