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Amazon Seller Consultant in India | Amazon Seller Expert Services

Amazon Consultant in India | Amazon Seller Ads Expert


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Hi Friends,

I am very professional and high quality service providers with over 15+ years of experience on Amazon Seller Central projects.

I have experience with all types Amazon sellers including – product listing, optimization, brand enhancement, PPC campaign, promotion, order processing, shipping confirmation, private label, distributors and retailers search. I offer full time account management as well as consultation.

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What is Amazon PPC Ads?

Amazon PPC (also known as Sponsored Products) is a well-known advertising platform to help sellers amplify their product sales online. Pay-per-click (PPCadvertising is a method where an advertiser pays only for the advertisement that a potential buyer clicks and views the product. Continue reading

Amazon PPC Marketing Services Experts / Consultant – Amazon PPC Ads Expert


PPC for Amazon Ads Campaign / Sponsored Products /Seller Central / AMS  – Amazon Expert Marketing Service – Amazon Ads Consultant – Get more sales & exposure for your Amazon Products/brands. if you listed your product on Amazon and wanted to increase your sale up to 1000% you are in the right place.

Facts: Amazon India closed in with about 12.5 lakh daily order/shipments and 30% order volume generate through Amazon PPC Ads. 

don’t waste your time – if you have a product/brand and you listed on Amazon account then your job role is done, now my job start – how to generate daily order with Good ROI.

I preferably work for both the product /brands:

  • New startup brands/ products – no order started yet or very few orders – complete solutions
  • Establish brands/products – already having good order volume – need to optimize ACOS and increase the sale volume.

Grow with Amazon Advertising

Amazon PPC Ads – Cost-per-click and cost-per-mille ad solutions can help you achieve your business goal. Advertising helps drive sales, build your brand and engage shoppers on and off Amazon. – Explore display ads, video ads, custom ads, Amazon DSP

Amazon Marketing Services Experts / Consultant – Amazon PPC Ads Expert

Reach your next stage of growth on Amazon with sponsored ads. Control your budget, choose your targets, and measure results.

  • Eliminate wasteful Ad-spend and Maximize Your ROI.
  • Develop and Execute Amazon Advertising Strategy.
  • Reduce ACoS and Achieve High Conversion Rate.

we already working with 150+ sellers from India, USA, Canada, Uk and increased the daily order volume 500% through Amazon PPC Ads – you can ask for client reference – PPC Expert & Consultant India – call @ 9915337448

Sale 12 Corers with 7.43 ACOS @Amazon PPC


Some interesting facts:

  • Amazon India get 100 order per seconds
  • Flipkart gets around 1,60,000 orders in a day.
  • Amazon india total employees – 750,000
  • 150 million registered users
  • Financial Year revenue 2018-19 – Rs 12,224.2 crore

We are willing to work with these products categories:

  1. Cosmetics / skincare / beauty – already having 20+ clients
  2. Ayurveda products – 7+ clients
  3. beauty and cosmetics products – 15 clients
  4. Health Products – 11 clients
  5. Whey protein, multi vitamins etc – 9 clients
  6. Baby products – 4 Clients
  7. Health & Personal Care – 15+ Clients
  8. Home & Garden – 6 big clients
  9. Office Products – 2 clients
  10. Cell Phones / Cases & Accessories – 8 clients
  11. books – 18 Clients

“When you’re creating a product listing, you’re creating a brand story, a product story. Because on Amazon, people shop with their eyes first. [They] look at pictures, look at your title, and see if this is what [they] want to consider purchasing. On the detail page, this is the time for [sellers] to really let the customer know why they should purchase their product. Communicate a good story to customers.

I do work with the amazon country specific domains

  • Amazon India – 85 clients
  • Amazon Canada – 15 – clients
  • Amazon Austria -4 clients
  • Amazon Japan – 2 clients
  • Amazon USA – 45 clients
  • Amazon Dubai -14 clients

Amazon PPC Ads – Sponsored Products Help Amazon customers discover and purchase products that you sell on Amazon with ads that appear in search results and on product pages.

There are three main types of ads you can configure through Amazon including sponsored products ads, headline search ads, and product display ads. Let’s take a look at some of the advertising options available to you!

  1. PPC Expert/Consultant  for amazon Sellers Central
  2. PPC Expert/Consultant  for Advertising Console

Amazon PPC Certified Expert
Call @ 09915337448, whatsapp: 9915337448

Creating and running Amazon PPC campaign is very simple and easy but the important part is to know your strategy.

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Getting one’s products on top of Amazon’s search listing is a dream comes true for every seller. It helps a seller to get better maximum impressions and visibility for his product.

Amazon Campaign Types:

  1. Seller Central Ads – Sponsored Product Campaigns
  2. AMS Ads

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) will now be called ‘Advertising Console’. … Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) offers effective tools to help vendors stand out against their competitors and drive traffic to product detail pages and branded pages.

  • Headline Search Campaigns
  • Product Display Campaigns
  • Sponsored Product Campaigns

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