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Why we use PPC?

Why we use PPC? – Advertising on AdWords can help you reach your business objectives faster but clear goals need to be set. They can include:

  • Selling more products
  • Generating leads
  • Building followers on social media
  • Increasing subscribers to a newsletter
  • Raising awareness for a event
  • Asking for a donation for a charity

There are numerous other options and these are some of the ways that people use Google AdWords for. Setting objectives lays a solid foundation for your PPC marketing campaign.

PPC works best with a conversion goal, even if it’s an email signup. Even depth-of-visit or time-on-site are better metrics than just clicks.

The good news is, for all keywords besides your brand name, PPC already exposes your brand’s name and message out to new prospects. PPC “brands” your offerings to the most qualified prospects, not just to everyone. It’s not pure branding, but it is a kind of branding for companies who don’t have Godzilla-sized marketing budgets.

Branding isn’t as easy to measure as direct sales, but we can measure it with the usual PPC metrics:

  • More impressions equal more exposure.
  • Higher click-through rate can mean both good prospect targeting and that the ad holds interest for your prospects.
  • Good conversion rate is more about direct selling success, but could also mean you’ve introduced and sold a new prospect on your brand in one fell swoop.

Again, I’m not at all devaluing the importance of having a brand, knowing your brand, and communicating it consistently. Regardless, most clients need to see tangible results, and you’d better demonstrate them if you want to keep their PPC business.

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