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My Bing Account Disabled for Security Reasons – What next?

I have received 100+ of messages daily from all over the world regarding My bing account has been disabled. And 80% Account has closed, which related to Technical Support Industry.

March, Year 2015, Bing start updating Algorithms & privacy policy  due this reason no. of Bing Account got disabled and Closed. Now what next —

Allow inactive accounts to be reactivated

There are situations where advertisers can now contact adCenter Support and have their accounts reactivated.

If you need assistance reactivating your account, please contact support: or call 1-800-518-5689 for assistance.

 The most common reasons that require us to close Bing Ads accounts include:

  • The payment method on file was not authorized by the account owner. 
  • The account was accessed without authorization. 
  • The account is related to an account that was previously closed. 
  • The account was determined to be high-risk to other customers or advertisers, as stated in our Editorial Guidelines. 
  • Different IP issues

If you really want to activate your Tech Support Bing Account you can contact us on skype or Call us:

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