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What is Bing Ads Editorial Review?

The ad and keyword editorial review is a quality check to help ensure that ads are well written and relevant to potential customers. After you submit an ad group, the content goes through an initial review to ensure that it meets Bing Ads policies. If your ads and keywords don’t raise any flags, they pass the review and become active.

If an ad does not pass the initial review, an additional review takes place, which can take several hours based on the volume of reviews moving through the system at any given time. Several situations might trigger an additional review, including:

  • A word might have a double meaning that could be interpreted as offensive in a certain context.
  • The content might include terms that are registered trademarks, which require review for appropriate use.
  • A keyword is not in the editorial database.

Most reviews are completed within a day. The editorial status of your ads and keywords can be found in theDelivery column on the Ads or Keywords tab of the Campaigns page. If the review results in a disapproved ad or keyword, see How do I fix a Disapproved or Approved Limited status?

  • For ads to pass the review process, they must be written in the same language as the ad group language and market setting.
  • Editorial checks do not stop once an ad is live. The Bing Ads team performs ongoing reviews to help ensure a quality marketplace. For this reason, ads and keywords that have previously displayed may be disapproved.
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