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How Do I Verify A Site with Google Webmaster Tools?

You have a number of options to verify that you own your website:

  • Add a meta tag to your home page (proving that you have access to the source files). To use this method, you must be able to edit the HTML code of your site’s pages.

  • Upload an HTML file with the name you specify to your server. To use this method, you must be able to upload new files to your server.

  • Verify via your domain name provider. To use this method, you must be able to sign in to your domain name provider (for example, or or hosting provider and add a new DNS record.

  • Add the Google Analytics code you use to track your site. To use this option, you must be an administrator on the Google Analytics account, and the tracking code must use the new asynchronous snippet.


How Do I Automatically Get New Web Pages Into Google?

You can ping Google (and other engines) using RSS or XML.

If you have a blog, In the past, I’ve found registering a site with FEED BURNER is useful in happy, instant indexing of new content on a site.

If your website publishes an xml sitemap, this is even better. It’s amazing how fast Google indexes and ranks pages.

I’ve seen pages get into Google and rank in the top ten for a phrase in less than 1 minute and I recently tested just how fast Google publishes your content if you’re well connected.

WordPress, for example, pings Google when you post new content, which is very handy with a blogging system. Most modern open source content management systems of note do something like this.

You can add your website direct to Google Webmaster Tools, too.

Do I Need Links for Google To Find My Site?

NO. Historically, the best way to get into Google, and the other top search engines, was for the search engine spider to find your site through a link that was already on another website, which Google already includes in its index.

A link from a blog, forum or another website would usually suffice.

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