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Bing Ads reporting data is out of SLA – 10 Feb 2016

Last update: 11:30 PM, February 10 (IST)

We’re currently experiencing some issues that are causing delays in availability of campaign performance, editorial and conversion related data. Your ads are still continuing to serve during this time and no information has been lost. It may take a few days before our processing backlog is completely caught up. We’re working on resolving this, and will remove this alert once the problem has been fixed.


API, Web UI, Bing Ads Editor, Mobile


The data delays are currently affecting multiple services across the Bing Ads platform listed below:

  • Ad Delivery: Users might see under delivery due to campaign budget pause or replenishment delays.
  • BI/Reporting: All advertiser facing reports are not populating with most recent data.
  • Billing: Prepay and Postpay billing information is impacted and might not show the exact value.
  • Advertiser API: Bing Ads Advertiser API customers trying to pull complete data for the previous day with “ReturnOnlyCompleteData=true” could have received some error messages.
  • Product Ads Update: All uploaded Bing Shopping feed file processing should now be caught up and within normal SLA. Product offers being updated via Content API are seeing about a 4 day delay. Performance metrics being reported in Bing Merchant Center is 3 days behind. Time to go live for brand new shopping offers is about 3 days delayed
  • UET/Remarketing Update: UET tag status for Active tags were incorrectly showing as ‘Inactive’. This has been Resolved as of 2/10/2016 10 AM PT. Goals may continue to show as ‘Not Recording Conversions’. Remarketing lists sizes have not been updated since 2/8/2016.
  • Publisher: Reports retrieved from the pubCenter UI and the pubCenter Reporting API may not have complete data during the impacted timeline due to data upstream not being available.
  • Editorial Update: The Editorial processing delays have been mitigated. The editorial backlog is currently being processed. There will be a delay in processing Keywords/Ads/Ad Extensions that are in Editorial Pending Review status until the backlog is fully processed by the system and agents. Also, Appeals requested through Bing Ads UI will also experience a delay

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue.

11:30 PM, 2/10

Engineering teams are seeing some processing improvements in systems after deploying a fix. As of February 10, 2016 10:00 AM PST, Ad Campaign performance reporting is delayed by at the most 14 hours. [Important Update]: Data for hours between 02/05/2016 9 PM PST to 02/07/2016 11 AM PST is incomplete. We will be updating the data for impacted hours as soon as our system is fully caught up. Please see inline in Description for updates to Editorial, UET/Remarketing & Product Ads. We will continue to send updates as we learn more.

10:35 AM, 2/9

Engineering teams are beginning to see some processing improvements in systems after deploying a fix earlier this evening. We will continue to send updates as we learn more. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue.

5:30 AM, 2/9

We have updated the Issue Description with specifics of how this issue is impacting multiple services across Bing Ads Platform.

7:30 PM, 2/8

Engineering teams have begun implementing performance reporting fix, this will take some time to completely rollout and for data to begin catching up to SLA in Bing Ads. We will continue to send updates as we learn more.

3:30 PM, 2/8

Engineering teams are working on a fix to be implemented in the coming couple of hours – at which point reporting data should begin to catch up in Bing Ads.

Start Time

10:30 AM, February 6 (IST)

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